Yoga: The Silent Killer?

Neal Pollack |
When the Buddha (who I didn’t know personally) left his father’s palace for the first time, he saw three things: An old man, a sick man, and a dead body. This formed the basi... more

Yoga With My Dad

Neal Pollack |
When you think of a “yogi,” my dad isn’t what comes to mind, unless you’re thinking of Yogi Bear. Like me, he has excessive body hair and a preternatural fondness for luncheon... more

Reading Siddhartha When You’re Down and Out

Neal Pollack |
The other night, as though I were a college sophomore who’d forgotten to do his homework, I stayed up until 2 AM reading Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, a book normally consumed ... more

Please Join Us for the Release Party for Stretch, the New Book by TFT Yoga Correspondent Neal Pollack

Faster Read Faster Read |
Attention: Please join us for the New York release party for Neal Pollack’s new book, Stretch: 7 PM, Sept. 15, at Powerhouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn. The powerHou... more

Me Talk Sanskrit One Day

Neal Pollack |
Yoga-teacher training involved a lot more than just doing poses. My fellow students and I meditated in a Buddhist temple, manipulated formaldehyde-drenched cadaver organs, pr... more

Dear Abby: My Yoga Teacher Won’t Stop Chanting

Neal Pollack |
I recently had a guy get in touch with me on Twitter, telling me that I should start a “Dear Abby for the sarcastic yoga set.” Though not the least appealing ide... more

I Was A Special Needs Yoga Student

Neal Pollack |
During the first three weeks of yoga school, I could feel the frustration building among my classmates. Here they were, people who’d been doing yoga for years, who’... more

Why I Almost Ran Away From Yoga School

Neal Pollack |
Soon after yoga school began, three weeks that feels like three months ago, a small group of people asked the management if the doors could open a little earlier. They wanted to... more

A Letter Home From Yoga Camp

Neal Pollack |
Dear Mom: Well, here I am in yoga camp, and I’m in extremely good hands. Richard Freeman, though he’d never dream of calling himself this, is the most knowledgeable... more

Psyllium And Shaved Shoulders: How My Preparations For Yoga School Went Awry

Neal Pollack |
I took great care preparing for yoga school. For months, I raised money and made logistical arrangements. I read Indian mythology and meditated for at least a half hour a day a... more

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