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Writing Advice: How to Apologize

Frankie Thomas |
Here’s a fun experiment: type the word “sorry” into your Gmail search bar. How many results come up? For me, it’s 450. We all spend our lives apologizing for one thing or anothe... ...read more

Writing Advice: The Secret to Success

Frankie Thomas |
Dear Frankie, I thought I’d involve you in my quarter-life crisis. I recently went on two dates with a giant tit of a man who told me that, despite all assertions to the contrar... ...read more

Writing Advice: Outline This

nancy rawlinson |
This is another kind of outline. Dear Nancy, Should I outline? H.M., Brooklyn. Dear H.M., In a word, yes. I don’t know anything about you or your writing but in gener... ...read more

Writing Advice: 16 Essential Rules

nancy rawlinson |
Instead of answering a reader question, I’m going to do something a little different this month. The Guardian newspaper in London recently asked a whole bunch of writers for... ...read more

Start Me Up: Why Lists Can Make All the Difference to Your Writing Process

nancy rawlinson |
Dear Nancy, I find it really hard to get going with my writing in the mornings. I get up early in order to have a couple of hours to write before I have to leave for work,... ...read more

Writing Advice: When to Revise

nancy rawlinson |
Dear Nancy, I’m half way through the manuscript of my first book, and I’ve just finished a workshop in which I got some substantial feedback on my existing chapters. Now I ... ...read more

Writing Advice: Doing It, Slowly

nancy rawlinson |
Dear Nancy, I have a friend who often tells me how much he has written. He’s all like – “yeah, today I finished that story I was working on and started a new one, got ten pages... ...read more

Writing Advice: How to Embrace the Suck

nancy rawlinson |
Dear Nancy: Sometimes I sit down to write and the words come without too much difficulty. Other times it’s incredibly hard going and painful. How can I make sure I have more ... ...read more

Memoir Advice from Dani Shapiro: How Best to Reveal Ugly Truths About Your Family

Dani Shapiro |
Dear Dani, I’m working on a memoir, which involves revealing unpalatable truths about my family. My concern about their reactions when they finally read the book is inhib... ...read more

Writing Advice: The World Doesn’t Give a Rat’s Ass About Your MFA

nancy rawlinson |
Dear Nancy, I completed my MFA in writing just over a year ago. I went to a good school – one of the well-known ones – and I was a diligent student. My teachers and peers gave... ...read more

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