The Award for Most Inventive Use of a Nuclear Weapon Goes To…

Russ Wellen |
Today nuclear weapons are the cornerstone of the national-security policy of major powers, as defensive weapons under the guise of deterrence. In the past, nuclear weapons were ... more

How to Make Cambodian Friends and Influence People: Expats’ Parallel Lives in Phnom Penh

Faine Greenwood |
Are expats in Phnom Penh willfully segregating themselves from the locals? That’s the thesis of French journalist Frédéric Amat in his new “Expatriates Strange Lives in Cambod... more

Missile Defense: Ever the Fly in the Ointment of U.S.-Russia Relations

Russ Wellen |
Missile defense systems against nuclear strikes are often considered “destabilizing” to the strategic balance.” On May 3, Russia’s RIA Novosti demonstrat... more

When Nuclear Weapons Programs Fail to Ripen

Russ Wellen |
One can’t help but suspect that a key reason the public and even many policymakers believe that Iran is close to developing nuclear weapons is the sheer length of time tha... more

Are Nuclear Weapons Really a “Big Sin” to Iran’s Supreme Leader?

Russ Wellen |
James Risen’s April 14 article for the New York Times on Iran’s Supreme Leader’s nuclear-weapons intentions — or lack thereof — has attracted much ... more

The Circular Illogic of Allies and Assistance

Rick Perry’s brief presidential run will likely be remembered for the candidate’s physical and verbal awkwardness as well as his memorable debate gaffe when he could not remembe... more

The Impact of Speaking Publicly About Democracy in Georgia

Last week several developments in Georgian politics suggested that a new dynamic is at work there. First, harassment of citizens known to be associated with the opposition Georg... more

Public Opinion and the War in Afghanistan

As any observer of American politics knows, the U.S. is particularly polarized along ideological and partisan lines. Issues ranging from marriage equality to tax policy divide ... more

The Confusing Language of Democracy

One of the reasons building lasting democracies, either from the perspective of democratic activists inside of a non-democratic country, or from outside powers seeking to push a... more

Russia’s Non-Competitive Election

The Russian election occurred on Sunday with results that were consistent with what most people expected. Vladimir Putin won the election handily among widespread reports of el... more

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