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Minnesota “Neutrality Policy” on GLBTQ Teen Harassment Is Anything But

Laura Goode |
Editor’s note: A national uproar has emerged over a controversial so-called “neutrality policy” in Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin school district. The policy... ...read more

Your Mom Reads More YA Than You

Laura Goode |
If you’re in any way connected to me on the Internet, you probably know that my first young adult novel, Sister Mischief, was just released on July 12 by Candlewick Press. If y... ...read more

No, There Are No Vampires in My YA Novel.

Laura Goode |
Editor’s note: A version of this article appeared in the NAM EthnoBlog. The Twilight phenomenon has pervaded media chatter for way longer than I want to hear about it by n... ...read more

The Curious Etiquette of Gchat

Laura Goode |
Editor’s note: As promised, I’ll return to my discussion of the It Gets Better Project and how we can better prevent homophobic bullying and support GLBTQ teens next... ...read more

How Can We Do Better Than “It Gets Better”?

Laura Goode |
This week, Slate highlighted several stunningly unhelpful videos made by out-of-touch grown-ups in an effort to discourage teens from homophobic bullying. They’re important obj... ...read more

The Common Rituals of Elizabeth Taylor and Lady Gaga

Laura Goode |
Well, Elizabeth Taylor has died (I’m resisting the urge to add “finally”), and every major news source has now—finally—filed the obituary they’ve had in their drawers for at lea... ...read more

Is Advice Women’s Work?

Laura Goode |
We know, as the proverb goes, that women are the keepers of the world’s oldest profession. But for nearly as long, women have provided additional consolation to the masses with... ...read more

Liz Lemon-ism, “TGS Hates Women,” and The Everywoman Myth

Laura Goode |
Tina Fey is the Hillary Rodham Clinton of American comedy. Fey’s taken a big swipe at her industry’s glass ceiling with 30 Rock, and also with her work on SNL and Mean Girls, th... ...read more

Defunding Planned Parenthood Means More Clap and Shotgun Weddings: Why The Pence Amendment Sucks

Laura Goode |
Unless you live in Iran, China, or a state of affairs in which a bad breakup has forced you to deprive yourself of Facebook access, you’ve heard by now of the Pence Amendment, a... ...read more

Gender in Children: Performative or Inherent?

Molly Jane Knefel |
Professional Bro Adam Carolla was on Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast a few weeks ago. Savage, who I almost always agree with, had asked him on weigh in on whether a boyfrien... ...read more

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