The Hemingway of Valpolicella

Alex Halberstadt |
If wine matters—if it can be said to matter at all—then what we’re looking for is an antidote to oblivion. A bottle’s imposition on memory, its ability to make us think and refl... more

Serious Boys: Decoding Vintage Champagne

Alex Halberstadt |
In his elegant and occasionally very funny book about Bollinger, the British writer Cyril Ray relates a story about how champagne became known as “the boy” in late-Victorian Eng... more

Savage Pleasures: A Night of Grower Champagne

Alex Halberstadt |
Like most adults who haven’t undergone a recent rhinoplasty or taken a vow of sobriety with a Jesuit order, I happen to adore champagne. Some of the most indelibly joyous moment... more

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Vienna’s Wine

Alex Halberstadt |
To keep learning about a thing is to realize, more and more, that one has barely grazed the surface. Getting to know wine is a trusty reminder of this niggling fact. In June, I ... more

War Stories From Manhattan Sommeliers

Alex Halberstadt |
Among the countless ways of enjoying wine, none inspires the anxiety and high drama of ordering in a four-star gustatory palace. One of those places where the butter is flown in... more

Recession Happy Hour: Celebrating Truly Cheap Wine

Alex Halberstadt |
Drinking nothing but expensive wine can be harmful to your inner life. It’s like listening to nothing but Schoenberg, or wearing Top-Siders whenever you go out, or having dinner... more

Enter the 36 Chambers of Cristal

Alex Halberstadt |
A friend of a friend who tended bar near Houston Street in lower Manhattan likes to tell a story about a night, in the mid-nineties, when the late Notorious B.I.G. decided to st... more

Red, White and Schnitzel

Alex Halberstadt |
If you want to experience nearly total silence, you could book passage to inner Turkey or the Gobi desert, or you could come to Südburgenland, on Austria’s Eastern periphery. Th... more

The Discreet Charm of Jadot

Alex Halberstadt |
There’s a mackerel-scented grit to certain New York Chinese restaurants that speaks to wine geeks. Call it pathos, if you’d rather. Fact is, fine dining, with its mark-ups and c... more

Wine Tastings Are Ruining Your Life

Alex Halberstadt |
Spring has come to New York: apartment dwellers are hauling air conditioners out of their closets, lilacs are in flower, hot dog carts are rolling out again, and so are the spit... more

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