The Hindenburg Omen

So Zero Hedge did a post this morning on the Hindenburg Omen, a grouping of data points that, when occurring all together, have once or twice portended a market crash (but not always). And the post was awesome and went viral because we’re all still superstitious pagans when you get down to it, searching for answers and reasons where none can be found.

Like the “Abandonded Baby” and the “Death Cross” memes, the Hindenburg Omen is now an instant classic. I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a quick list of other formations, patterns, dojis and market tells you should be watching for:

1. The Summer Squash

2. The Detachable Harami

3. Livermore’s Revenge

4. Spicy Crunchy Tuna Rolls

4. Mango Contango

5. The Lamb Spread

6. The AIDS Candle

7. The Inverted Lotus Position

8. Flaming Pennants of Love

9. The Caruso-Cabrera

10. The Dragonfly’s Mother-In-Law

Anyway, be mindful of these highly dangerous signals in the marketplace and you should be fine. Or not.

Joshua M Brown is a New York City-based financial advisor and stockbroker.  He is also the author of The Reformed Broker blog and his work has been featured by virtually every major financial publicat more


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