Wall Street

Google’s Bermuda Tax Dodge

Joshua Kranz |
How Google Became the Michael Jordan of Sheltering Income What do many of America’s tech giants have in common? They’re really good at exploiting international tax l... ...read more

Another Way to Think About the Economic Recovery

Joshua M. Brown |
How It Could Have Gone Much Differently for the U.S.   Hi, I’m Josh Brown. You might know me from such shows as The Fast Money Halftime Report on CNBC or Breakout! wi... ...read more

Can Hurricane Sandy Save the Economy?

Joshua M. Brown |
Hurricane Sandy and the Importance of Jobs I’m of the opinion that four years of writing taxpayer-funded fucking welfare checks and spending trillions on unemployment... ...read more

Why NFL Players Go Broke

Joshua M. Brown |
ESPN’s 30 for 30 Takes on Broke Athletes “By the time they have been retired for two years, 78 percent of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financia... ...read more

The Fall of Facebook

Joshua M. Brown |
I’ll take the blame for Facebook’s Stock Drop Facebook shareholders have watched $50 billion in valuation blown to smithereens in three months and now everyone want... ...read more

No, Mark Zuckerberg is Not the Next Bernie Madoff

Joshua M. Brown |
The Facebook IPO was a mess. But it was not a ponzi scheme. Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme ran for multiple decades and was, at one time, estimated to encompass roughly $50... ...read more

Amazon’s New Threat to Retailers

Joshua M. Brown |
Fool, this is a JACK MOVE! Like Nino taking over the Carter Projects* and moving the manufacture, warehousing and distribution of crack cocaine right into the heart of the inn... ...read more

Do You Have to Be an Asshole to Get Rich?

Joshua M. Brown |
Do you have to be aggressive and selfish to make it in America? How much of your success is a result of your upbringing and the right learned behavior? How much is genealog... ...read more

Is China in a Recession?

Joshua M. Brown |
China is in awful shape right now. Which kind of sucks when you consider that China was supposed to be the growth engine that would pull the world out of this morass. Oh wel... ...read more

How Wall Street and Facebook Screwed Mom & Pop

Joshua M. Brown |
I suppose congratulations are in order for Wall Street’s investment banks: There were seventeen individual investors left in the stock market and they’ve just had ... ...read more

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