Visual Arts

Google Art Project Brings Museums of the World to a Screen Near You

Caroline Rossiter |
Dubbed a “Street view for museums”, Google unveiled its latest innovation this week with “Art Project” ( The interface, born out of Google’s poli... more

Monet and Gérôme: the Apples and Oranges of French Fin de Siècle Painting

Caroline Rossiter |
In Paris, Parisians and tourists alike are going wild for Monet. The Grand Palais’ exhibition “Claude Monet (1840 – 1926)”, which has been running since September, is so p... more

The (Art) Show Must Go on

Caroline Rossiter |
There hasn’t been much good news in France of late. In fact there hasn’t really been any news, as journalists and broadcasters join the general strikes that have bro... more

It’s the Space, Stupid!

Caroline Rossiter |
The twelfth Venice Biennale of Architecture opened on August 29. The main show is in the Biennale Gardens and the Corderie (former rope-works) of the Arsenale, and has been wide... more

The Rise of the Happy-Snappers

Caroline Rossiter |
It’s that time of year in Paris – parisians have gone where ever it is they go for the summer (Côte d’Azur? Brittany?), boulangeries are closed and the streets are q... more

Nelson’s Ship Rolls in for New Trafalgar Square Installation

Caroline Rossiter |
Trafalgar Square, London. Lord Admiral Nelson looks down from atop his column. He sees the usual: tourists, pigeons, people spray-painted to look like morons… But wait,... more

To Shanghai, Perchance to Dream

Caroline Rossiter |
A mating display writ large? The ultimate in onanistic national one-upmanship? Or can World Expositions help us discover and share those parts of our humanity that aspire to a g... more

Graffiti Artist Adds Color to French Burka Debate

Caroline Rossiter |
Nick Walker is a modern day “street artist”, a sketchy position that straddles glitzy art world events and covert decoration of public space. Using a combination of stencil and ... more

British Cartoonists in Election Quandary

Caroline Rossiter |
James Gillray, "John Bull, in a quandary", 1788 “John Bull, in a quandary”, a caricature by James Gillray from 1788, depicts a stocky, simple-looking char... more

Say Cheese…And Goodbye to Holiday Snaps as We Know Them

Caroline Rossiter |
I recently ordered some prints. I was happy when they arrived in the post, but was also left feeling rather underwhelmed – there were no surprises, I had seen them all multiple ... more

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