Outraged ‘Walking Dead’ Fan Admits He Has No Idea What a Showrunner Is

The-Walking-Dead-Season-2-Production-Photos-300x21110After a full month of angrily protesting the departure of Glenn Mazzara, showrunner for AMC’s runaway hit ‘The Walking Dead,’ Duluth, MN resident Daniel Lazano admitted he has “absolutely no idea what a showrunner is.”

Lazano took to Facebook and Twitter when the move to release Mazzara was announced in January. He first changed his Facebook status to “Skull-fucking Robert Kirkman in effigy,” making it clear that he blamed the show’s creator for the departure of Mazzara.

Lazano then bombarded Kirkman’s Twitter feed with tweets like, “Hey, Shitbubble, why would you fire THE BEST SHOWRUNNER IN THE BUSINESS????”

But when asked what exactly he thinks a showrunner does, Lazano drew a blank.

“No clue,” said Lazano. “But I do know that Kirkman wouldn’t know a good one if it sat on his face.”

Norman Stern
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