’666 Park Avenue’ Recap: “Murmurations”

In 666‘s second episode, we see Gavin commit more evil deeds, a murmuration of probably evil birds, growing suspicion from Jane, and not much from Vanessa Williams.

Jane, The Drake’s new manager, is checking out the former apartment of last episode’s victim, only to hear mysterious sounds behind the very wall he was sucked into last week. Turns out there are like ten million birds in there, and they all fly out like crazy. Jane, perplexed, talks to Tony the Concierge, who seems reluctant to give her info, and it’s like is he bad or good? He gives her an exterminator’s number even though Jane thinks he should take care of it. I guess The Drake doesn’t have a super.

Jane runs into young Nona, who tells her not to mess with the birds. Jane mentions someone stole her prized grandmother’s necklace, but what she doesn’t know is that someone is Nona herself. Nona seems to be stealing significant objects as talismans or something. Perhaps she’s a soothsayer or something. Anyway, Nona’s cool. More Nona!

Brian the peeping tom/struggling playwright visits his wife Louise in the hospital following her elevator attack. Despite the evil elevator’s violence, Louise looks fine, and honestly what hospital would keep someone for a concussion and broken ribs in this day and age? She complains of the cost of the accident.

Jane and Henry attend another glamorous party hosted by the Durants, and meet Danielle, a The Drake resident. She mentions Henry, calling him a “keeper” in an act of foreshadowing! Gavin shows Henry a building model, explaining his current investment project with the Alpern group. Then Gavin starts talking to Danielle, who tells him about an upcoming date, and he offers to make her reservations at a sexy Flatiron restaurant. Seems kind of odd. I know Gavin is the devil and all, but how does he even find time for so much one-on-one with the residents?*

Late that night, Jane steps out of bed to get the laundry from the dryer. Time for another scantily-clad trip to the demonic laundry room! While down there, she sees that the previously cemented-over Mystery Wall is now intact with the missing door. Upon entering, she explores an eerie retro apartment scene complete with an endlessly playing record and a dead man. Jane wakes up in bed. Thank god, it was just a dream. Or was it? No, it wasn’t, because the laundry basket is full of clothes!!!

The next day, Henry mentions he invited the Durants for dinner. Boy, they sure hang out with them a lot.

The exterminator shows up to kill the birds. Guess Jane didn’t heed Nona’s advice. He explains to Jane that a group of starlings are called a “murmuration.” Meanwhile, Brian closes the apartment’s curtains so he won’t stare at sexy/probs evil Alexis, the sexy stylist’s assistant who I’m sure has other qualities in real life. Then the curtains open on their own!!!

Danielle gets stood up at the sexy Flatiron restaurant, which I think I supposed to be ABC Kitchen. I know that because I went there with my mom and it was terrible. The server was mean to us because we weren’t spending a ton of money and you have to sit on tall cement chairs at a tiny table. God, I hate industrial chic. So phoned-in and uncomfortable. Anyway, Danielle doesn’t seem to think it’s odd when Gavin materializes and asks her to join him and his friend, a handsome man named Frank Alpern, like in the investment deal. Danielle goes for it.

Back at the cursed apartment building, Jane is having the exterminator demo the now-sealed again Mystery Wall because the shaft the birds are nesting in extends to there. Or something. Didn’t realize exterminators could just demolish walls like that. While down there, Nona shows up and steals the exterminator’s rabbit foot charm. As she touches it, she sees a vision of him being attacked by birds and gasps. Because she’s a soothsayer or something!

Before preparing for dinner with the Durants, Jane visits Louise, the elevator-mauling victim, at the hospital. Louise mentions she’s thinking of suing Gavin, though of course nothing was found technically wrong with the elevator, since its real problem= an evil soul. On her way back, Jane runs into Olivia and Danielle, and Olivia mentions she’s buying Danielle a sexy new dress for her second date. God, when is Vanessa Williams gonna get a real character on this show? She doesn’t have shit to do, or even an interesting hairstyle.

Jane finds a package slipped under her door with an old newspaper detailing a 1956 murder at The Drake. The murder echoes Jane’s spooky non-dream. Tony’s the likeliest person to have dropped off the package; Jane questioned him earlier about murders, though he was full of denials. Henry brushes off this information and confesses that he’s worried about losing his job at the mayor’s office because he feels obligated to tell Gavin about the toxic lot discovered next to the Alpern development.

Next the exterminator gets attacked just like in Nona’s vision while walking home. He’s on Kent Street in South Williamsburg near the bridge. Doesn’t really make a lot of sense considering he just came from the Upper East Side and there are no trains close by, but whatever. After his death, looks like maybe a bird symbol is on the ground next to his head? Who knows for what demonic reason.

Meanwhile Alexis surprises Brian after he gets out of the shower and they make out. Ugh Alexis you were written so one-note. Maybe you’re just a figment of Brian’s imagination or some kind of succubus, but how about a little character development?

At dinner with the Durants, Jane brings up the murder, saying she got the newspaper at the library. Gavin says it happened in 7G, Danielle’s current apartment. Then the talk turns to how wholesome and old-fashioned the Durants are, and how Henry and Jane should get married already. Olivia ominously tells Jane that Henry will be “snapped up.” Whatever. So far, Henry’s been dead weight, if you ask me.

Now the mystery of the 1956 murder is revealed! First Frank Alpern, after doing it with Danielle, reveals that he’s a married jerk and then she stabs him! And then Gavin, full of Jane’s wholesome pot roast and the $800 wine he brought over, shows up. And it turns out that Danielle killed that guy in 1956, and she’s actually old, but Gavin’s evil powers make her young, and she’s always killing guys who spurn her, over and over again. I don’t know, that’s the explanation. Not sure if all the guys were enemies of Gavin’s like Frank Alpern. Probably.

The next day, Gavin tells Henry he’s glad Henry didn’t reveal the insider info about the Alpern deal and remained honest and true, and also that he already sold the land to a Chinese investor before the news of the toxic lot broke this morning. Sounds great! Louise comes home to a $300,000 check from Gavin and also finds all the curtains in their apartment drawn. Danielle, young again, steps out of an elevator.

And Jane heads to the basement after Gavin ominously tells her to clean up the mess from the demo. After stepping though the hole, she yells, “Somebody?” and the door closes behind her!!! Fini!!!

Next week: Jane dies in the hole. Just kidding! But she probably does find some crazy stuff down there!

*It’s because the residents are his minions!

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