‘Louie’ Recap (Season 3, Episode 11): “Late Show (Part 2)”

Louie trains for the Late Show opportunity in FX’s LOUIE

There wasn’t an episode of LOUIE last week because of politics or something (I’m guessing) but don’t worry, “Late Show (Part 2)” is worth the wait. This is the second part in Louis C.K.’s Late Show trilogy and has more guest stars than you can shake a stick at (what does that phrase even mean?).

There’s no David Letterman or Jerry Seinfeld (yet – I’m still holding out for next week) but we do have Jay Leno appearing again briefly after briefly appearing last week and the return of Chris Rock, whom Louie seeks for counsel only for Rock to become another potential host to replace Letterman at the end of the episode. But the appearance that surprised me the most was David goddamn Lynch as Louie’s insane Late Show coach, complete with gun in desk. Despite LOUIE often feeling like a movie directed by Lynch, I never expected the man himself to appear. His appearance and character are great and he fits in perfectly, a nice way to show how surreal the Late Show world can be (and presumably is).

Most of this episode is about Louie trying to deal with the Late Show offer: he goes to his ex-wife and hopes she will talk him out of it only for her to force him to do it because he needs a real job; he goes to Chris Rock, who decides he should also be in the running for the job; he even asks Jay Leno what he should do and Leno tells him he shouldn’t try and go for it because it’s difficult to perform material every single day and remain fresh and he will also be Leno’s competition. As a result of all the conflicting advice, Louie still seems unsure what to do but decides to try anyway – what has he got to lose?

Lynch sends Louie to a gym where he meets Clay Davis from The Wire (another surprising cameo) and gets beaten up by a younger boxer. A lot of LOUIE is about Louie being beaten either mentally or emotionally but now he’s also being beaten physically, a process that will apparently prepare him for the constant beating that hosting the Late Show will be. Maybe it’s not as fun as it looks.

Regardless, a trilogy must have three parts and there is still one more episode to the Late Show story, so I’m guessing next week is Louie doing a pilot of the show and (hopefully) meeting David Letterman and Jerry Seinfeld. These last two episodes have been set-up and mostly laugh-free and I’m ready for the payoff and to laugh my ass off at Louie trying to host the Late Show.

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