‘Louie’ Recap (Season 3, Episode 1): “Something Is Wrong”

'Louie' Recap (Season 3, Episode 1): "Something Is Wrong"Louis C.K. is back in the third season premiere of FX’s Louie

A lot has happened to Louis C.K. since the second season ended: he’s been nominated for a couple of Emmys, he’s been cast in a Woody Allen movie and he’s even started selling tickets to his standup on his own website. It would appear C.K. likes to do everything himself – which explains why he does almost everything in Louie – but it also appears that this is the year of Louis C.K. And what a year it should be.

(Oh, and before I go any further: “Louie” refers to the show, “Louis” refers to the character in the show, and “Louis C.K.” or “C.K.” refers to the man responsible for the show. I hope that makes this recap easier to follow.)

The first season of Louie was a wonderful delight: funny, interesting, strange and unusual. It was everything we liked about C.K. in one package. I was surprised when FX renewed it for a second season, not because it wasn’t good, but because it was so different to the rest of their programming that it seemed out of place. But I’m glad they did renew it, because as good as the first season of Louie was, the second was even better: almost every episode delivered, making the second season of Louie one of the best seasons of TV I had ever seen. The “Duckling” episode in particular was extraordinary, with C.K. showing exactly what he can do and how far he can go when he’s given creative freedom.

And now we come to the third season of Louie. This is when things get tough. How does one top a season as good as Louie’s second? Well…

… the premiere of the third season is standard Louie. It’s certainly not bad but it’s rather… plain, for lack of a better word. We’ve got a bad “date” (if you can call it that), Louis doing something he knows he probably shouldn’t (buying a motorcycle), but we’ve also got something new: we see Louis’ ex-wife Janet for the very first time, who is also an African-American. My favourite part of this is that it shows again that C.K. really doesn’t care about continuity or logic because they’re boring and restrictive and Louie is the complete opposite of that.

Usually I would write a bit more about what happened in the actual episode but “Something Is Wrong” is a bit empty – aside from the casting of the wife, there’s not really anything interesting to talk about. I think C.K. knows not to blow his wad straight away (after all, “Duckling,” the most ambitious episode of the show so far, happened near the end of the season last year). I think this first episode is just to reacquaint us with Louie and to settle us back in. The crazy shit is obviously still to come. And when this crazy shit apparently involves Jerry Seinfeld in a very unlike Seinfeld role, I can’t wait.

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