‘The Office’ Recap (Season 8, Episode 19): “Get the Girl”

Nellie arrives in Scranton to take Andy’s place in NBC’s The Office

This might not be the best way to begin this recap but I don’t care: Catherine Tate gives me the shits. I never watched The Catherine Tate Show and I tolerated her on Doctor Who but I can’t stand her as Nellie. All of her comedy in The Office is basically “British people are ridiculous and are completely different to Americans” and it’s irritating. Nellie is a poor character and I was glad that she wasn’t chosen to be the new manger… only it appears that the writers regretted not choosing her because now she’s back in Scranton and she wants Andy’s job.

How is this possible, you might ask (though you’ve probably given up showing any interest in this show by now), after the Sabre store failed in Florida? I guess there are two reasons why Nellie is able to just walk in and take Andy’s job: Andy has faked being sick to go down to Florida and confess his love to Erin (phones are stupid) and Robert California doesn’t give a shit.

As Nellie says, if the seat is empty then the job is open. She attempts to win over everyone else in The Office by offering them raises. Jim isn’t sure she can actually do this and approaches Robert, who still doesn’t give a shit. I’m pretty sure all he wants to do is turn Dunder-Mifflin into a giant experimental art project and I think he’s succeeding at. His next task is to replace half the people in the office with chimpanzees.

While all of this nonsense is occurring, Andy manages to track down Erin only to find out that he’s missed his chance: Erin doesn’t love him anymore and wants to stay in Florida and cook hot dog water for an old lady and her foreskin-less grandson. The old lady, fulfilling the role of wise mentor to Erin, tells Erin that she should go be with Andy because this is a romantic comedy and there’s nothing else happening in this show anymore. She runs out into the middle of an intersection and confesses her love to Andy and the two drive off together, toothbrush-less.

Did anything else happen in this episode? I’ve already forgotten. Um… I think that might have been it. Andy got Erin and Nellie took over the Scranton branch. There. I saved you 20-something laugh-free minutes.

At least I’ve got Parks and Recreation to cheer me up… wait, what? It’s not on for five weeks? NBC, what are you doing to me?!

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