The Office Recap (Season 8, Episode 12): “Pool Party”

Everyone goes to Robert California’s house for a pool party in NBC’s The Office

“Pool Party.” I can only imagine what this episode will be about. See my subheading in bold? That’s this episode in one sentence. Nothing else happens.

How does everyone end up at Robert’s house for a pool party, of all things? Well, Robert is being forced to sell his house after splitting up with his wife. He had hoped this house would be his very own Playboy Mansion and imagined wild drunken orgies after watching Eyes Wide Shut. The house never reached its full potential so Kevin suggests that everyone go to Robert’s house for one last hurrah. Because Robert is creepy and presumably wants to kill every employee in the office, he agrees.

While at the party, Andy decides it might be time to propose to Jessica… except he’s lost the engagement ring. While he frantically searches for it, Erin tries to make him jealous by using Dwight. This involves the two playing “chicken fight” repeatedly until Erin accidentally suffocates Dwight and he almost drowns.

Robert gives everyone a tour of his house, including Jim, who is unable to escape back home to his wife and kids. Once Robert, Ryan and Gabe get drunk enough to jump into the pool naked, he decides it’s time to go and drives over a bush, fleeing for his life.

Erin ends up saving the ring after a suspicious Kelly tries to destroy it and she returns it to Andy. Andy isn’t sure if he should propose to Jessica after all and Erin is happy as she has more time to work her devil magicks.

“Pool Party” was one of those episodes where you can tell the writers didn’t know what else to do. “Maybe everyone should have a pool party at Robert’s house?” is basically all of the plotting I imagined occurred in the writer’s room. This is filler, really, which unfortunately tends to be unavoidable when you do 22-episode seasons and you’re eight years in.

The episode ends with Robert passing out and Ryan and Gabe continuing to dance in an attempt to outdo one another and impress Robert. Which one will Robert end up killing? Find out next week!

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