‘The Office’ Recap (Season 8, Episode 11): “Trivia”

The eighth season resumes in NBC’s The Office

My responses for the first 10 episodes of The Office this season have ranged from mixed to negative (I think there might have been one or two good episodes somewhere in there). My expectations for the rest of this season have been lowered considerably, which meant “Trivia” was a pleasant surprise because it was actually pretty good.

Andy is still trying to impress Robert California and has attempted to double his paper sales in the current quarter. For the most part he has succeeded but he’s still $800 short… and none of his employees actually want to buy any of the paper they sell. After trying to convince Oscar to cook the books, he learns of a trivia night at a bar in Philadelphia and decides to take everyone in the office along to win the $1000 prize.

When they arrive at the bar (which just so happens to be a gay bar), Andy divides everyone into three teams – the A team, consisting of Andy, Jim, Darryl and Ryan; the B team, consisting of Stanley, Phyllis, Creed and Angela; and the “just for fun” team, consisting of Erin, Kelly, Kevin and Meredith. Oscar already has his own team.

The “just for fun” team somehow manages to beat out the other two teams from Scranton and competes against Oscar’s team in the final. Kevin, proving that he isn’t just a loveable dumbass, answers the final question correctly, winning the $1000. I don’t know how he did it (considering all the wrong answers his team had during the game) but I guess all the other teams were just as stupid.

Where is Dwight during all of this? He has gone down to Florida to interview for a managerial position in Sabre HQ. While waiting for Robert, he runs into Gabe and ends up pitching his presentation to him after Robert escapes to rape and kill old people. Dwight ends up taking Gabe prisoner and the two go to Robert’s condo, where he offers Dwight a medal instead of a job and Dwight leaves.

Aside from a few weak moments, “Trivia” was a solid episode of The Office and a vast improvement over most of the episodes this season. Did the writers actually learn something during the hiatus? Has The Office finally found its way again? Will it be shit again next week? Will Robert ever stop raping and killing people? Find out next week!

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