‘Person of Interest’ Recap (Season 1, Episode 11): “A Robot Back-story”

Person of Interest Episode 11Reese is wheelchair-bound, Finch’s operation goes small-scale, and the Machine is worried for its own safety.

That was a rather lengthy break, wasn’t it? It’s nice to have the show back, particularly after the miniature cliffhanger that I completely forgot about.

The episode beginning with Finch putting Reese back together after he was shot was a rude awakening.

Carter is going to be a bigger factor isn’t she? Finch throwing her in the deep end to help him with a number could not have been a surer sign of that. The CIA and Agent Snow becoming involved in the story was another inevitability. The escalating counter-espionage from the CIA was cool, and Finch scaling-down the Machine to operate within Finch’s new apartment building was a great scenario.

The flashbacks to 2005 where Finch was still capable of running proved to be quite important, mostly for crafting the Machine’s back story, of all things. Cool to see that they didn’t know what the numbers were when the Machine started spitting them out — they just knew it was important. Watching the NSA cope with the a piece of science fiction software fall into the real world was handled with aplomb. They have to sort through the “How” of it, and also whether or not the thing is Constitutional.

The fact that the Machine pointed out the feds were a threat to itself was flawlessly creepy.

But dumping coffee on a keyboard does not cause a computer to blue-screen.

Hang on, isn’t the super of Reese’s new apartment building Angel Batista from Dexter? I was having fun for about 80% of the episode pretending that he was the same person, just in witness protection in New York. Then it turned out that was exactly the case and he was entirely in witness protection. Whatever — he’s stalking a tenant in Reese’s building and his number’s up.

Haha! Reese’s only worldly possession is a pistol! “I travel light.” It’s like he’s a guy that knows he’s on CSI and hates it. Even his lamps are made out of guns.

Ah, it was the boyfriend all along, not the super! Asshole boyfriend was no match for Finch’s eye-gouge or Reese’s crutch-fu. Good to see that Reese is on the mend and can still fight with one leg.

Finch’s final description of how the Machine draws information together to find bad guys was sinister, like an evil Santa Claus, and judging by the fact that it considered Finch’s old partner a threat was the beginning of real trouble.

A big welcome back to Person of Interest!


Reese concussions for the season: 3 (we’re not going to track this anymore)

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