The Office Recap (Season 8, Episode 10): “Christmas Wishes”

Erin gets really drunk at a Christmas party in NBC’s The Office

Wait, what’s this? An episode of The Office that’s actually pretty good? It’s a Christmas miracle!

That’s right: after a string of pretty bad and/or lazy episodes, “Christmas Wishes” is a step back in the right direction. Robert California is still around but he’s mainly in the background. In fact, this episode focused mainly on a character who has never really been in the spotlight, which is a shame because I think she might be the best character in the show right now: Erin.

I remember when Erin first appeared in The Office and people thought she was just a boring receptionist. Over time, she has proved how funny and sweet she is and essentially become the new heart of the show. She is the Pam to Andy’s Jim but she also has a quality about her that I don’t know if Pam ever did. I love Erin whenever she’s on screen.

Anyway, it’s the annual Christmas party in The Office and Santa Andy has promised to fulfill everyone’s wishes. He’s also invited his new girlfriend, Jessica. Erin decides to get really drunk (“give me another alcohol”) to escape the pain she feels when Andy and Jessica are together, which results in Robert offering to drive her home. Because Andy still cares for Erin (a lot more than he cares for Jessica, I’m sure) he follows them, suspecting the recently-separated Robert to be making a move. But it appears that Robert is simply a father figure for Erin, giving her relationship and hangover advice. Andy smiles… maybe he still has a chance for her.

The subplots in this episode weren’t too bad either. Darryl is still trying to seduce the woman from the warehouse and invites her to the party, telling her to dress up. She shows up in a dress and is embarrassed, until Darryl arrives in a tuxedo. Yay, Darryl! Meanwhile, Jim and Dwight are trying to con each other out of their Christmas bonuses because… that’s their thing. At one point there is a porcupine in the office. Yeah.

The best parts of the episode were the obvious abundance of Erin though Kelly had the best line: attempting to embarrass Jessica, she simply asks whether she farted in front of everyone. That’s how it’s done. Toby also had a good scene where he rambled about the crime novels he had been writing. I want to read them.

The question is… is “Christmas Wishes” a sign of things to come? Have the writers figured out what to do with Robert now? Will the show return to mediocrity? I’m sure you all know what my Christmas wish is.

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