‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ (Season 7, Episode 7): “Chardee MacDennis

The gang is disappointed that Mac walks in without any news. Everyone looks bored sitting at the bar. They decide to play Chardee MacDennis, board game they invented years ago, also when bored. Charlie doesn’t want to play. It’s not just a game, he says, it’s war.

Chardee MacDennis is a mashup of a bunch of other games. It is also, obviously, a drinking game. There is a fifteen minute time limit to the game, but a lot of clock stoppages. Basically, the game is so complicated that no one really knows how to play it. The winner gets to smash the other teams game pieces.

Chardee MacDennis consists of three levels. Level one is trivia and artistry, during which teams drink wine.

We learn that Mac and Charlie have never won a game of Chardee MacDennis. Frank is excited to join in on Mac and Charlie’s team

At the pre-game wine and cheese reception they drink wine and pretend to respect each other.

At level one they drink wine and answer trivia questions. It’s more of a memory game really, since they made up the questions and many of them are opinions. In the artistry section one team member draws on a piece of paper that they put on their teammate’s back, while the teammate attempts to guess what the drawing is, based solely on feel.

Mac draws a chance card which he says reads “Take the money from everyone’s pockets.” Frank demands to see the card. Mac was lying, the card actually said: “Swallow this card whole.” Since they cheated, which is an accepted part of the game, Dennis and Dee advance to the next level.

At level two, there is no more cursing. It is also the beer drinking level.

Mac, Charlie and Frank throw darts at Dennis, whose hand is on the dart board. The rules: You flinch, you lose. Frank’s dart hits Dennis right in the center of his hand, but he doesn’t flinch, so Dennis and Dee get the card and are one step closer to level three.

Frank draws the go to jail card and must eat the ingredients of a cake while in the dog kennel. Mac, Frank and Charlie have to drink for “five seconds” since Frank curses. In level two, the other team counts. Dee slowly counts to five as they chug.

The next challenge is grape gobbling, invented by Charlie. Charlie eats the grapes, disregarding the rules he invented. He tries to cough up the grapes. Mac tries to flip over his game piece.

Frank has studied the rules while in the kennel and thinks he has a plan, but Mac and Charlie explain that Dennis and Dee are made for level three. Dee can survive any emotional battery they can dish out.

Level three is emotional battery and public humiliation. It’s also, appropriately enough, the hard liquor round.

Frank calls out Dennis for cheating, by throwing a beer at Frank while he was in the kennel. Because he caught them cheating, his team jumps to level three.

The timer rings, which means they have to draw the black card. Frank opens it, and the card reads that in the event of a tie a winner must be chosen by a coin toss. Dennis and Dee win the coin toss, their perfect record intact. They gleefully destroy Mac and Charlie’s game pieces.

This is one of those episodes of It’s Always Sunny that just piles on the crazy, neglecting a plot. I mean, all that happens is they play the game. It has its funny moments, but doesn’t really go anywhere. Maybe it’s just that I knew Beavis and Butt-Head was debuting on MTV, but I found it a really disappointing episode, by far the weakest of the season so far.

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