Parks and Recreation Recap (Season 3, Episode 9): “Fancy Party”

Parks and Recreation Recap (Season 3, Episode 9): "Fancy Party"April and Andy host a dinner party in this week’s episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation

Previously: the Harvest Festival was a big success, Chris is now city manager, and Leslie has a bunch of big ideas for what the Parks Department can do next.

April and Andy invite everyone (even Jerry) to a dinner party they are hosting. It combines two things they love: dinner and parties. They also want everyone to bring someone, anything from cooked steak to the movie Avatar, along with 50 pairs of 3D glasses and a 3D TV.

Everyone arrives at Andy’s friend’s house where the party is being held and Leslie discovers that the dinner party is just a cover: April and Andy have decided to get married and tonight is actually their wedding. Leslie is worried that the two aren’t ready for marriage and wonders how to stop the wedding.

Leslie tells Ron and Tom that April and Andy are getting married. Ron tells Leslie that it’s not her place to interfere with their wedding and Tom immediately goes and asks Andy if he can be his best man. While Tom celebrates because he has achieved one of his life goals, Andy asks almost every other male at the party (except Jerry) to also be his best man. Tom is annoyed, but it results in a great Jean-Ralphio appearance so it’s all good.

Leslie decides to pull out the big guns and calls Ann, who is attending a singles night with Donna. Leslie hopes that Ann will arrive and kiss Andy (or April or even anyone). Donna, resuming her position as Ann’s relationship mentor, persuades her to stay and hooks her up with a guy.

The wedding goes ahead and is surprisingly beautiful. Leslie looks on unsure while everyone else smiles or tears up. Andy vows to protect April from bears or even her mom if required. Everyone applauds when the two become husband and wife. And then the party begins and Chris shows off his amazing dancing skills.

Ron talks to Leslie afterwards and tells her that April and Andy haven’t ruined their lives. He’s been married and divorced twice after all. “Weren’t you married three times?” Leslie asks, causing Ron to smirk. He gets to burn another ex-wife effigy.

Leslie and April reconcile and Leslie tells Ben to stay in Indianapolis and work for Chris permanently. Ben says he’s already accepted the job and is staying.

“Fancy Party” was a fantastic episode of Parks and Recreation. April and Andy’s wedding provided plenty of laughs and tears and almost every character had a chance to shine. I’m glad the writers are also continuing to develop Ann (and Donna) as I used to think they were two of the weakest characters in the show but not they have become two of the strongest. Now that April and Andy are really together, I’m looking forward to seeing the relationship between Leslie and Ben develop over the next seven episodes.

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