Parks and Recreation Recap (Season 3 Episode 4): “Ron and Tammy: Part Two”

Parks and Recreation Recap (Season 3 Episode 4): "Ron and Tammy: Part Two"NBC’s Parks and Recreation this week is an overdose of Ron Swanson

Because Parks and Recreation is Parks and Recreation and it can get away with things like this, this week’s episode of the show is a sequel to an episode from the second season. That episode, titled “Ron and Tammy” introduced Ron Swanson’s ex-wife, the evil-incarnate Tammy. This episode reintroduces her and may have started Parks and Recreation’s new annual tradition.

Ron discovers his ex-wife is back to cause trouble after he is told he has an overdue book: not only is the book about having a micro penis but also he has never checked a book out of the library before. He confronts her and explains that he is perfectly happy with his new girlfriend, Wendy.

Unfortunately, Wendy returns back to Canada and Tom takes advantage of the situation by deciding to date Tammy in front of Ron. It becomes increasingly apparent that Tammy is just using Tom (or “Glen” as she calls him) to manipulate Ron. And it works. It is not long before the two are running off and getting married… again.

What follows is both insane and amazing: the morning after, Leslie comes face to face with a Ron Swanson with cornrows and a dirty kimono. She decides to conduct an intervention and the rest of the Parks Department assists… sort of.

While all of this is going on, Ben is trying to get the police chief’s assistance with the Harvest Festival (and ends up getting the new nickname “Calzone Boy”) and Chris’ enthusiasm encounters April’s empathy.

The episode ends with Ron and Tom uniting (after Tammy beats “Glen” up and Ron resists her corruption). After last week’s Ron Swanson-light episode, I am glad that we got such a Ron Swanson-heavy episode as this one. Ron Swanson is one of the best characters on TV at the moment and I will take as much of him as I can get. I only hope we get a “Ron and Tammy: Part Three” next season.

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