The Vampire Diaries Recap (Season 2 Episode 14): ‘Crying Wolf’

The CW’s Vampire Diaries is back from the dead this week with an entertaining episode.

The Vampire Diaries Recap (Season 2 Episode 14): 'Crying Wolf'Here’s what went down in Mystic Falls: Jules and her werewolf version of Tom Brady realize that Mason was trying to break the Sun/Moon Curse, and had not only found the moonstone, he had also found the doppleganger. They explain the Curse to newbie werewolf Tyler, but lead him to believe that if the vampires break the Curse, it spells the end for werewolves. They need Tyler’s help in getting both the moonstone and the doppleganger back. So he helps them by stealing Caroline’s cell (watch out for Matt/Caroline/Tyler love triangle drama) and finds out where Elena is headed for the weekend – the lake house.

Elena and Stefan have ditched Mystic Falls for a romantic weekend at the Gilbert lake house. In a rare example of true vampire lore (yay!), Elena has to invite Stefan in before he can enter the cabin. But their trip is bittersweet as Elena is constantly overcome by memories brought up by the lake house. This doesn’t stop their passionate making out however, and during one of these sequences, they uncover a hidden room filled with weapons and her father’s personal journal.

Stefan leaves Elena alone to gather some firewood, and he’s attacked by Brady and Tyler. Brady goes looking for Elena and leaves Tyler in charge of watching Stefan. Stefan reveals to Tyler what the werewolves failed to mention: for the Curse to be broken, Elena has to die. Meanwhile, Elena is playing a deadly game of hide and seek with Brady, and manages to stab him twice, which is pretty impressive considering she’s like 90 pounds and he’s an NFL quarterback. Having been freed by a remorseful Tyler, Stefan comes to Elena’s rescue and rips Brady’s heart out. Literally. Despite Tyler’s betrayal, Elena forgives him.

Back in Mystic Falls, Alaric and Damon (who is dating that news reporter from last episode? He can do so much better) go to the historical society gathering that is taking place in Elijah’s honor. Finally face to face with Elijah, Damon asks him what he’s doing in Mystic Falls and what he wants with Elena. Elijah shoves a pencil into Damon’s neck, and refuses to say anything more than “keep Elena safe”.

Alaric and Damon retreat back to Damon’s house to discuss how to kill Elijah, which they admit is going to be hard. After a brief powwow, Alaric leaves to meet up with Jenna, but he is ambushed by Jules and her gang of werewolves. They stab him, and declare him dead. Damon puts up a fight, but he is drugged and chained to a chair. I thought last week’s vampire torture scene was gutsy for The CW, but this week it was gory and downright kinky. They even mention they got the idea for the torture device from a porn flick! While Jules is interrogating Damon about the moonstone, Elijah saunters in with the stone, then starts ripping werewolf hearts out Temple of Doom style. He frees Damon, pointing out that he has saved Damon’s “life” three times now.

Caroline, who spends the whole episode unaware that her cell phone is missing, is working with Jeremy to help Bonnie cast a spell on Luka, the son of Dr. Martin, the warlock working with Elijah. Bonnie delves into Luka’s unconscious (despite his many pleas for her to stop) searching for Elijah’s plan. Luka reluctantly reveals that Klaus has kidnapped his sister. Klaus has been using her witch powers to try and break the Curse without a doppleganger, so Luka and his father teamed up with Elijah to kill Klaus. If they help Elijah, he has promised to help free Luka’s sister. Luka also reveals that the only way to kill Klaus is after the sacrifice, when he will be vulnerable. With a growing feeling of dread, Bonnie and the gang realize Elena has to die in order to kill Klaus. They each go their separate ways, but not before Jeremy and Bonnie kiss.

Back at the lake house, Stefan also realizes that Elena’s plan all along was to die to protect her loved ones. He calls her a martyr, and says that her death would be tragic. All this stuff is true, but we all know this season is leading up to the sacrifice scene, so let’s just get on with it!

The episode ends not with Damon killing his news reporter girlfriend (“who would report her death?”), but with Tyler leaving Mystic Falls. He has squared things with Matt, telling him to take good care of Caroline, left a note for his Mom, and drives off with Jules. That doesn’t bode well for Tyler, but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

This week’s episode was definitely an improvement over last week’s. The supporting cast outshines Elena and Stefan, which is unfortunate because Elena is the one that’s going to be sacrificed; I should care for her more, but she hasn’t done much lately to make her character more interesting. In contrast, feisty Caroline is quickly becoming my favorite character. I want her to tell Matt her secret – he can handle it! Damon is still a badass, and Elijah has bad hair (despite what Alaric says).

Low points: Alaric magically coming back to life after being pronounced dead. Bonnie’s out of nowhere change of heart toward Jeremy.

High points: Tyler manning up and trying to make things right. All the ripped out werewolf hearts right before Valentine’s Day.

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