Sym-Bionic Titan Recap (Season 2 Episode 2): Swamp Fever

Sym-Bionic Titan Recap (Season 2 Episode 2): Swamp FeverSym-Bionic Titan has started its second season, or whatever (the first season is supposedly twenty episodes, but was for some reason cut in half? And labeled season two?) and I for one am glad to have it back. Last week’s reminded me once more of why I like this show so much, mashing together high-school rituals, a party and, naturally, sci-fi action punch-abouts. So let’s dive into this week, shall we?

This week’s episode saw our heroes scouting the swamps for a crashed Mutraddi vessel only to be ambushed by the creature within, so nothing particularly new for the series, which finds its strength mostly by taking this formula and mixing it deftly with high school and interpersonal drama. The best part of the episode, really, is Ilana and Lance discussing Octus’ bizarre and budding relationship with cheerleader Kimmy. It’s this sort of charming stuff that makes me love the show.

That being said, most of the episode felt a little stock, but Sym-Bionic Titan’s stock is pretty good, so I’m not complaining. During the ambush, Ilana is struck by the creature, and it later becomes clear that she is slowly transforming into a sort of slave version of it. There’s some looking about, a bit of fighting, and all of it is very nicely animated and set against the sort of lovely backdrops that make Genndy Tartakovsky’s work such a pleasure to watch.

Towards the end of the episode, however, I found myself a bit frustrated by the one-dimensionality of the villain (who, by the way, is also extremely difficult to understand, not that he says anything beyond his exposition). Something that makes Sym-Bionic Titan so compelling is how good of a job it does making its bad guys as well-formed and interesting as its main cast. This week’s baddy however, was just an antagonist.

Ah, well, you can’t have everything. Though this episode was certainly not the high point of the series, it was serviceable—even, dare I say it, good—just not the sort of great that this show has thus far spoiled me with.

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