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Tourism in the Tenderloin: A Knifing Waiting to Happen?

Claire Martin |
An article in today’s New York Times describes a new effort by San Francisco civic leaders to promote the city’s Tenderloin District as a place, along with the lik... more

Adventures in India: The Taj Mahal, Elephant Polo, and a Pug Named Buddy

Claire Martin |
“One of the advantages of working for the government is that you don’t have to do anything and they buy you a house,” Puneet Dan says as we drive past the Delhi neighborhood w... more

Why Train Travel Doesn’t Suck

Claire Martin |
I’d decided on an Amtrak train expedition from Los Angeles to New Mexico well before running across a story titled Low Stress and Last-Minute Travel May Have Boosted Amtrak̵... more

Did Rebecca Gayheart Get My Swine Flu Vaccine?

Claire Martin |
If it wasn’t for an upcoming trip to Bali, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with the swine flu vaccine. True, I have a compromised immune system and my doctor told me to get on... more

The Great Randy Quaid Hotel Scam

Claire Martin |
The Who’s Keith Moon once tossed a television set into a hotel swimming pool. Amy Winehouse dyed her hotel bathtub black along with her hair. Russell Crowe threw a telepho... more

Airport Overheard: Loose-Lipped Pilot Disses Airport Security

Claire Martin |
Overheard at JFK this morning, when a pilot cut ahead of some passengers waiting in line at airport security, put his bags on the conveyor belt, removed his shoes, and — w... more

Live Blogging @ 37,000 Feet: I ♥ Virgin America

Claire Martin |
Every once in a while, air travel doesn’t suck. You don’t get frisked at security or have your “personal items” scoured in front of a crowd of strangers.... more

Obamacation ’09: What the First Family Did On Their Summer Vacation–and Where They Did It

Claire Martin |
Part vacation, part healthcare-reform publicity tour, the Obama family’s just-concluded summer trip started in Montana and ended at… Disney World. Or did it? Here... more

People Who Travel More Than Me: Maya, My Dental Hygienist

Claire Martin |
As someone who writes about travel for magazines, you could say that I travel for a living. What does it reveal about the state of the industry I work in, then, that my dental h... more

Face Down on Facebook

Claire Martin |
I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cringe when I first saw the photos: a guy lying face down at a driving range, his friend poised to tee off on his back; a kid riding an up esc... more

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