The Naked Therapist

Am I Not Art/ist?

Sarah White |
The banning of my art show from the West Chelsea Artists Open Studios this weekend has raised some interesting issues about the art world, eros, and the challenges women face. W... more

Internet Appreciation Day

Sarah White |
Now that online dating is the second most common way to meet that special someone, let’s stop worrying and love the web! Hear the news? Next to friends and family, online ... more

The Erotics of the Environment

Sarah White |
I have a client who shared some thoughts with me the other day that spurred some thinking of my own as to one of the reasons I am an avid environmentalist. I’ll have to pa... more

My Valentine’s Day Challenge

Sarah White |
The “Day of Love” is upon us, and with Rick Santorum (aka Senator Lovekill) surging in the polls, I heartily put forth to my readers the same Valentine’s Day C... more

Why Men Look at Porn

Sarah White |
The Naked Therapist uncovers layers of objectification, agency and experience. In a recent Journal of Personality and Social Psychology article entitled “More than a Body: Mind... more

The Not So Secret Cult of the Far Too Violent Male: Thoughts on the Penn State Tragedy

Sarah White |
There has been so much written about the tragedy at Penn State lately, much of it rightly expressing outrage at how a sexual predator was preserved from prosecution just to save... more

Naked Therapist Sarah White Wants You to Take Off Your Clothes

Sarah White |
Sarah White is the founder of Naked Therapy and runs her Naked Therapy practice at Since starting her practice in October 2010, she has provided Naked The... more

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