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Ms. Milarch (and Her Vagina) Go to Lansing

Davi Napoleon |
Julia Glander, Eve Ensler, Ruth Crawford So, if you’ve come in late, here’s what happened in Act One: The Michigan State legislature put so many restrictions on women’s healthc... more

No New NPR Car Talks–But a New Musical

Davi Napoleon |
Earlier this week, NPR announced that the Magliozzi brothers—you may know them as Click and Clack—are retiring. Stations will air favorite segments of Car Talk as reruns. ... more

David Wheeler and the Theater Company of Boston Remembered

Davi Napoleon |
Here’s a story I wrote about David Wheeler, who died last week, and his marvelous theater in Boston, which predeceased him. I got to know David when he was at Robert Brustein&#... more

Hurricane Irene Bombs on Broadway

Davi Napoleon |
After the flood of brilliant pre-show publicity—other shows on the Rialto shut down in anticipation of its arrival—Hurricane Irene turned out to be far less powerful a productio... more

Loss of Liberty and the Pursuit of Theater

Davi Napoleon |
According to the New York Times, two years ago, inmates in California had access to opportunities in the arts, activities that probably reduced recidivism. Then, there was an ar... more

Remembering the Dead at Tony Time

Davi Napoleon |
Each year at the Tony Awards, the celebration halts for a few minutes to pay tribute to the artists we’ve lost during the year, actors, directors, designers, producers. This yea... more

Robert Brustein and His Dads

Davi Napoleon |
Brustein You don’t have to share a gene pool to be someone’s kid. He doesn’t have to adopt you. Hell, he doesn’t even have to know who you are. I hadn’t met Robert Bruste... more

Selling Myself for School

Davi Napoleon |
Schoolbiz This isn’t a pretty story. I don’t go around telling it, even to good friends. But a journalist’s job is to convince people to reveal what they wish they hadn’t, and... more

Latest Up-to-the-Split-Second “Spider-Man” News! Read All About It!!

Davi Napoleon |
“Producer Suggests Taymor Will Step Aside” blasts the New York Times. On the afternoon of March 9, 2011, this latest Spider-Man headline, accompanied by a photo of o... more

Michigan Theater in Crisis: Film Tax Incentives in Jeopardy

Davi Napoleon |
Spring Awakening In the last few months, I visited some of the theaters in Southeast and Central Michigan, and what’s going on is unprecedented in this region. Theaters are ... more

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