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Paul Ryan and the Rise of the Fact-Checker

Craig Newmark |
Fact-checking is on the rise this election. Thanks, Paul Ryan. Fact-checking and Paul Ryan, BFFs by accident? News media taking fact checking seriously? The Paddy Chayefsky cl... more

Which News Outlets Can You Trust?

Craig Newmark |
Folks, as you may know, I’ve been doing a lot of work with good orgs who are doing factchecking work, and voter protection. As the nation gears up for the general elect... more

Social Media for Nonprofits

Craig Newmark |
I get asked a lot if nonprofits are using social media effectively. After taking a look at the Nonprofit Times list of 100 top nonprofits based on revenue, the craigconnects te... more

Craig Newmark on

Craig Newmark |
How is Helping Military Families I’m a big fan of, helping teachers get the job done. A teacher can post a project there, and anyone ca... more

Craig Newmark on How the Obama Administration is Crowdsourcing

Craig Newmark |
Expertnet – public/private engagement for results Turns out, the folks in Washington have been increasingly working with the private sector to run things more effectively... more

Can Facebook Email Kill Spam?

Craig Newmark |
Facebook Email: Spam Killer? UPDATE: check comment on Facebook Email below, new take on creating FB identities. Thanks! Okay, we don’t know what’ll be announced, b... more

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Craig Newmark |
The death toll from lung cancer is really bad. Research shows cigarette smokers are up to 20 times more likely to develop lung cancers than people who have never smoked. Acco... more

Introducing “Goverment Doesn’t Suck” Day

Craig Newmark |
Government Doesn’t Suck Day Hey, people in government get a lot of unfair crap headed their way; here’s a way to undo some of that. is a really good so... more

eBay vs craigslist: “Goliath bloody, David still standing”

Craig Newmark |
Well, most of the reporting on this case was based on reading a bad press release, rather than reading the judge’s opinion. Judge for yourself, it’s linked to by the... more

Craig Newmark: What I Should Have Said to CNN’s Amber Lyon When She Ambushed Me

Craig Newmark |
CNN’s Amber Lyon has been crowing for weeks about scoring an ambush interview against me. Boy, if she only knew that successfully ambushing me is about as big an accompl... more

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