New York Tech Meetup: The Top 3 Sexiest Startup Presentations from Last Night

Every month, we (usually) make our way over to New York Tech Meetup, the epicenter of NYC’s startup scene and the place where every major NYC tech startup, including Twitter and Foursquare, has debuted. Seven startups presented last night. Here’s the 3 I found sexiest.

1. SquareSpace

I’m not sure that subscription-based blogging platform SquareSpace still counts as a startup, as they’ve been around for 8 years, but they made up for it with an amazing presentation last night. NYTM co-founder Nate Westheimer gave SquareSpace Founder Anthony Casalena a heartfelt and unusually lengthy introduction, which gave way to Casalena’s re-introduction of SquareSpace, which completely rocked my socks.

SquareSpace has spent the last year completely redesigning their entire system to allow them—and us—to “create the blogs we’ve always wanted to create.” Simply, the new platform creates stunning pages where posts and pictures recalibrate instantly based on browser size and posts are created using a seamless grid-based system—meaning that you see the post on the backend in the beautiful form that it will appear on the front end. All social components are woven into an intuitive back end. It’s just fucking amazing. Check it out yourself at, and play around with the Ben & Amore page to really see what I’m talking about.

SquareSpace allows all blogs to move over their sites with ease. If you have a personal or portfolio site, I’d highly recommend looking into making the switch.


Ever wanted to manage all of the replies to all of your social media accounts and blog comments in one place? If you’re a social media dork like me, your answer is probably “GOOD GOD YES TELL ME HOW.” The answer is, a startup founded by William Mougayar, a frequent commenter on Fred Wilson’s blog that Wilson decided to back.

Basically, is a Gmail-look-a-like inbox that you can connect all of your social media accounts to and manage all of your replies from. It’s an awesome answer to the segmented social media universe, and will save you a ton of time checking for replies on every single site. Social media dorks, rejoice!

3. Kapitall

Kapitall is built on the ethos that “If you can drag and you can drop, you can trade.” This may sound like it’s a bit dangerous—I can think of more than a few people in my life that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the stock market—but Kapitall is looking to bring trading to the people, as most trading apps are very difficult to use if you’re not one of those super-smart ETrade babies. Featuring a user-friendly interface that represents stocks and bundles of stocks with colorful, drag-able icons, Kapitall is a system that normal babies can use. Information on stocks and companies pop-up easily, and you can even see the portfolios of famous investors like Warren Buffet to guide you.

To get used to the system and the market, you can trade with play money before risking real cash. I’ve never traded before, but I just might give this a shot.

Joe Lazauskas
Editor of The Faster Times. Managing Editor at Contently. Twitter: @joelazauskas more


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