Dead Space 3 May Be A Bit More Like Fight Club Than We’d Like

If there’s one thing Dead Space is good at, its adapting existing tropes to its own universe, but this one is a bit of a stretch.

The rumor mill is churning strong today, as reports come in from Siliconera detailing key plot points about the upcoming Dead Space 3.

*** Here be spoilers. Consider yourself warned ***

The upcoming Dead Space game, the latest in EA’s space zombie franchise, will involve protagonist Isaac Clarke running around a frozen world called Tau Volantis, a change for the franchise, which previously took place on infected spacecraft.

Additionally, a new character is to be introduced that may just drastically change the tone of the game. Dubbed ‘Shadow Isaac,’ this new character is a sort of schizophrenic doppelganger of Isaac Clarke, like Tyler Durden in Fight Club, who mercilessly taunts the true Isaac we’ve all come to know and, well play as at least.

Sounds like a unique enough premise in a video game, and its translated well enough in literature and film, but it will certaintly make an already dark game quite a bit darker. Check back for more details on this new development.

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