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Chris Dixon |

B2B Sales and Business Development: What I Learned

Background: At Hunch, we switched our focus (“pivoted“) about 14 months ago from B2C to B2B. Over that time, we pitched over 500 potential partners, trying to get them to use and eventually pay for our recommendation services. This process had its ups and downs, but eventually more

Fred Wilson |

Foursquare’s Long Roadmap

Why Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley and Other Great Founders Think About the Long Term

I interviewed Dennis Crowley yesterday at the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival. I tweeted out the livestream so I’m sure some people were able to catch it live. I hope they put the video up soon because Dennis was great and more

Fred Wilson |

Google+: What Happens When the Hype Wears Off?

Google+ Generated Lots of Hype, But the Real Story Emerges Over Time

Loic Le Meur has a great post up where he talks about what happens after the initial wave of hype wears off. He wrote it in response to some negative posts about Google+ but the situation Loic describes more

Fred Wilson |

Why We Need Google+

Google+ and The Importance of Multiple Platforms

The day Google+ launched, I sent a friend at Google who was involved in building the service an email requesting an invite. I got the invite late that day and started playing with the service. Here’s my profile. I’m not sure if this page is more
Jeff Jarvis |

Facebook, Google, and the Real Value of Content

Understanding Content’s Worth in the Age of Facebook

Jonathan Knee uses Netflix to argue in The Atlantic that content is not king and that aggregators are better at capturing value. That will be raw meat to those who claim that aggregators are content kleptomanics.

Knee’s analysis is good but there’s a critical element more
Fred Wilson |

Domain Names: How to Choose

The Importance of Choosing the Right Domain Name I believe that a good domain name is an important success factor in building and launching consumer web services. It’s not in my top ten but it could be. It’s certainly something we think about a lot when making investments and working with companies more
Chris Dixon |

How Google Can Go After Facebook – And Why Google Needs To Do It

Google Going Social as Facebook Threat Grows

It is widely believed that Facebook presents a significant competitive threat to Google. Google itself seems to believe this – Larry Page recently said that all employees would have their bonuses tied to the success of Google’s social strategy.

Why does more

Can Facebook Own the Web?

With Facebook Messages, the new integrated communications “not-Gmail-killer” that the online behemoth will be rolling out to users in the next few months, Facebook continues its quest to make you never have to leave it again.

Texting? You’ll be able to do it from Facebook now. Emailing people without Facebook accounts? You’ll be able to do it from Facebook now. And of course there’s Facebook instant messaging, now integrated with all the other ways you can communicate with people who are both inside and outside the walls. more
Fred Wilson |

The New Realities of Tech Investing

I’ve been a fan of Dave McClure since I met him some time ago. He has strong opinions, he shares them liberally, spices them up with foul language, and finds himself involved with a lot of interesting entrepreneurs and companies. In a nutshell, he’s my kind of investor.

Yesterday more
Chris Dixon |

Facebook Vs. Zynga: Understanding the Brewing Fight

Facebook, Zynga, and Buyer-Supplier Hold Up

The brewing fight between Facebook and Zynga is what is known in economic strategy circles as “buyer-supplier hold up.” The classic framework for analyzing a firm’s strategic position is Michael Porter’sFive Forces. In Porter’s framework, Zynga’s strategic weakness is extreme supplier concentration – they get more

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