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Lawrence Dabney |

Australian Schoolgirl Rescued as Collar Bomb Defused

Not many people outside Australia followed the 12-hour ordeal as it happened, what with Hosni Mubarak and the US debt deal hogging all the bandwidth, but every man, woman, and dingo in the great Down Under were transfixed by the news yesterday as police attempted to defuse a ‘collar bomb’ attached more
Jacklyn Lacey |

Coping with iGuilt: Apple Admits Chinese Factory Workers Poisoned

Apple has recently admitted the truth behind the claims being made about Chinese factory workers being exposed to poisonous chemicals while working on the production of the company’s suite of electronics, including the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Concerns about the poisonous contents, of some of the elements, involved in the more
Fred Wilson |

How Facebook Could Lose Its Dominance Over Our Social Graphs

Mobile Address Books Could Replace Facebook as the Primary Social Graph

I’ve been thinking for a while now that there will not be one social graph to rule them all (Facebook) but that we will eventually have a multitude of web/mobile services in our lives, each with a social more

Can Facebook Own the Web?

With Facebook Messages, the new integrated communications “not-Gmail-killer” that the online behemoth will be rolling out to users in the next few months, Facebook continues its quest to make you never have to leave it again.

Texting? You’ll be able to do it from Facebook now. Emailing people without Facebook accounts? You’ll be able to do it from Facebook now. And of course there’s Facebook instant messaging, now integrated with all the other ways you can communicate with people who are both inside and outside the walls. more
Andrew Myers |

Pasadena’s Art Center Exhibit: Let the Design Revolution Continue

Press release:

ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN’S ALYCE DE ROULET WILLIAMSON GALLERY EXPLORES THE PAST AND FUTURE OF OBJECT-MAKING The Curious World of Patent Models and The Future of Objects On Exhibit June 4 to August 15, 2010 Opening Reception June 3, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

(Pasadena, CALIF.) May11, 2010 – The Alyce de Roulet Williamson more

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