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Fred Wilson |

In Defense of the Facebook Sell-Off

Of course early investors are going to sell-off some Facebook shares. That’s how venture capitalism works.

There is a lot of sturm und drang out there in the worlds of social media, finacial media, and just plain media about all the lockups coming off and all the insider selling more
Joe Lazauskas Joe Lazauskas |

NFL Week 7 Picks: Grossman, Beck, Mcnabb, Palmer Prove There’s No Such Thing as Bad Publicity, Just Bad QBs

Grossman, Beck, McNabb, Palmer—if you told me a year ago that these 5 would dominate the NFL headlines, I would have assumed they’d started an ex-QB boy band.

I went 6-6-1 last week, keeping my picks record for the season just a game over .500 (44-43-4). Like much of the more
Chris Dixon |

How New York Can Become a Serious Startup Hub

Here’s what I think NYC needs to become a serious, long-term startup hub:

1) Some extremely successful startups. We need PayPals – companies that spin out boatloads of talented entrepreneurs and “smart money” angel investors. Big successes also reinforce the “culture of equity” that is so strong in California – the idea more
Mary Barbour |

Mark Zuckerberg’s “Dumpy-Chic” Will Never Become a Fashion Trend

Facebook co-founder wins GQ’s “Worst Dressed” Award.

Mark Zuckerberg won another “Worst Dressed Award” (following his win in the same category in Esquire’s 2010 contest)! Phew, now all those people who praised his dumpy look as the “new archetype” for personal style can zip up their hoodies and simmer down.

Baggy more
Jeff Jarvis |

How Journalists Can Use Google+

Google+ and Journalism

To paraphrase Mark Zuckerberg, it is too soon to know what Google+ is. But I’ve been trying to imagine how it will and won’t be useful to news. You should add rock salt to anything I say, as I thought Google Wave would be an important journalistic tool. With more
Amanda Walgrove |

EMMYS: The Good Wife Picks Best Episode

The news cycle today is plastered by great men being brought down by affairs with unknown women. But what of the woman beside the man? We watched Silda stand by Eliot Spitzer while Huma left Anthony Weiner on the podium.

The Good Wife answers this question by exploring the relationship between the more
Jason O. Gilbert |

This NY Times Writer Gave Up On Writing Well, Or Whatever

I generally think of The New York Times as one of the last true bastions of intellectual newspaper writing, a publication whose copy and prose are not dumbed-down or made overly conversational for the (arguably) dumber and more impatient public.

Well, that general thought crumbled a bit today when I saw this more
Anthony Benigno |

‘The Fighter 2′ (Really) and Other Best Picture Sequels

Mark Wahlberg told Extra on the 2011 Oscar red carpet that a sequel to the Best Picture-nominated film The Fighter is up for discussion. It’s not the stupidest idea ever, really: the first film focused on the rise of Massachusetts palooka “Irish” Micky Ward (Wahlberg), but stopped short of his crowning more
Jeff Jarvis |

Does Twitter Prevent Deep Thinking?

The Twitter Distraction Trope: Here We Go Again…

In the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland is the latest curmudgeon to recycle Nick Carr’s distraction trope, microwave it, and serve it with gravy. The argument is that Twitter—though possibly a wonderful thing for Egyptian revolutionaries (we can argue that trope another more
Ron Mottola |

Steve Jobs to Meet with President Obama Despite Rumors of Impending Death

It has been confirmed that ailing Apple CEO Steve Jobs is receiving cancer treatment in the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California. If this venue sounds at all familiar, it’s because in April of 2009, the clinic was host to former Hollywood star Patrick Swayze. We all know the more

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