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Fred Wilson |

Hurricane Sandy: When My Street Turned Into a Lake

Why We Left Before Hurricane Sandy Arrived

I ended yesterday’s post with this:

Hurricane Sandy looks to be coming through NYC at that time and I don’t know what that may cause me and my family to be doing at that time. We live right on the Hudson, at the border of Zone more
Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |

NFL Power Rankings Week Eight: Are Vikings For Real? Will Falcons Lose?

NFL Power Rankings Week Eight: Are the Minnesota Vikings for Real? Will the Atlanta Falcons Ever Lose? Texans, Giants, Bears, 49ers Battle for Best in Football.

The Houston Texans, New York Giants, Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers have been impressive as they battle for the top spot in our more
ryand.matthews |

Postcards from a Traveler

Great spaces of time passed in unbroken uniformity tend to shrink together in a way to make the heart stop beating for fear; when one day is like all the others, then they are all like one; complete uniformity would make the longest life seem short, and as though it had more
Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |

Thursday Night Football, NFL Picks and Predictions (10.4): Cardinals Rams

NFL Picks and Predictions, Week Five – Thursday Night Football 10/4: Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams; Kevin Kolb, Sam Bradford, and the Mediocre NFL Quarterback.

The Arizona Cardinals used to play in St. Louis, but they decided the baseball team was taking up too much of their Google search results more
Craig McQuinn |

‘Revolution’ Recap (Season 1, Episode 3): “No Quarter”

Miles and others make progress and get some actual character development in NBC’s Revolution

I… I think I actually liked that episode? It was certainly an improvement over the first two episodes because we actually got some character development. We learned a lot about Miles and Nora (probably the two most interesting more
Craig McQuinn |

‘Revolution’ Recap (Season 1, Episode 2): “Chained Heat”

The various characters continue their numerous journeys in NBC’s Revolution.

I was quite negative towards Revolution after watching the pilot last week, but I hoped the show would improve and manage to reach its potential going forward. Much like the pilot, it’s probably too early to judge the show based on its more
Craig McQuinn |

‘Revolution’ PREMIERE Recap (Season 1, Episode 1): “Our Hope”

J.J. Abrams, Jon Favreau and Eric Kripke show us a world without power in NBC’s new series Revolution.

I wouldn’t quite say I was excited when I first heard about Revolution, but I was fairly interested. Even though he can be hit or miss (usually depending on how involved he is in more
Jeff Jarvis |

Should Reporters Bother to Cover the Republican National Convention?

Why the Republican National Convention is a waste of money for news orgs.

I challenge every journalist in Tampa for the Republican convention — every one of the 15-16,000 of you — to answer this: * Why are you there? * What will we learn from you? * What actual reporting can you possibly more

Chris Dixon |

The Secrets to BuzzFeed’s Success

What Buzzfeed Gets Right

BuzzFeed’s CEO, Jonah Peretti, recently sent out an email to employees and investors summarizing the company’s strategy and progress. I really liked his email so I asked Jonah if I could blog it and he gave me permission. This isn’t just the usual cheerleading more

Jonathan Kiefer |

“Searching for Sugar Man” Review in Brief

Malik Bendjelloul’s documentary wonders what became of Sixto Rodriguez more

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