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Jeremy Helligar |

Warning! Facebook, IM and Twitter Can Be Hazardous to Your Ego (Please “Like” This!)

You know what I’ve never understood? When people on TV are talking on the phone, and they finish the conversation and hang up without saying, “Goodbye.”

“Okay, I’ll be over as soon as I can.” Click.

How rude, I always think. Does anyone actually do that in real life? Aren’t we taught pretty more
Alex Hughes |

Everybody Hates Justin Bieber On Magazine Covers

If you’re a magazine editor and you would like to make sure that you don’t sell many copies of your magazine, definitely put Justin Bieber on the cover. Vanity Fair’s February Bieber cover is set to be the worst selling issue for the magazine in 12 years, even though in the more
mollyhoran2 |

I Work For a Computer: Explaining Web Jobs to the Internet-Illiterate

When I was in high school, explaining the minimum wage drudge work of my successive summer jobs was pretty straight forward. I’d simply smile at my first grade teacher, elderly neighbor, or distant relative and explain — I’m a cashier, or I shelf textbooks, or I pick up used diapers in more
Jason O. Gilbert |

A Tour of the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad New Facebook Profile

If history is any indication, this structural change to the Facebook layout will be the downfall of the website, causing all of its users to protest, demand revision, and, when their demands are not met, deactivate their accounts en masse, effectively destroying Facebook. I think we all remember how disastrous past adjustments to the Facebook experience have been: remember how great the website was when Facebook only allowed certain Ivy Leaguers to sign up? Okay, bad example. But whatever happened to the joy of clicking through hundreds of your friends’ profiles for hours on end to discover any new activity, a time killer that the dreaded News Feed rendered obsolete? The addition of high school students, Facebook applications and games, your mom; I mean, my God, Facebook! The inclusion of Status Updates was so bad that Martin Scorsese, who was originally slated to direct The Social Network, dropped out in protest, and Columbia Pictures could only get the guy who directed Alien 3 and the music video for Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up Now Tell Me” to fill in for him.

And while this new look for the Facebook profile will inevitably end Facebook as a website and cultural phenomenon, let’s take a closer look at it, anyway, if only for the benefit of future anthropologists and Internet historians wishing to know what finally caused Facebook to so suddenly lose all popularity.

After the jump, a tour of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad new Facebook profile layout. more

Can Facebook Own the Web?

With Facebook Messages, the new integrated communications “not-Gmail-killer” that the online behemoth will be rolling out to users in the next few months, Facebook continues its quest to make you never have to leave it again.

Texting? You’ll be able to do it from Facebook now. Emailing people without Facebook accounts? You’ll be able to do it from Facebook now. And of course there’s Facebook instant messaging, now integrated with all the other ways you can communicate with people who are both inside and outside the walls. more

4 Funny Social Media Videos (and a Challenge)

Have a few laughs on me with these funny somewhat amusing videos.

This list was surprisingly difficult to generate, and provide some variety. Is it because funny people don’t do tech? Geeks don’t do funny? Neither can be true.

Have you seen a social media video that made you snarf your milk? Post more
Frankie Thomas |

Poor With Benefits

For thirteen years, I went to a fancy Manhattan private school with a girl who is now a movie star — we’re talking a bona fide red-carpet fashion-magazine talk-show-circuit career, to the teeth-gnashing jealousy of all her former classmates. And yet, in her magazine interviews, she tends to give quotes like more
Fred Wilson |

How Tumblr is Helping Haiti

Status is a powerful motivator in social systems. People go crazy over their follower counts on Twitter, or number of friends or business contacts in Facebook and LinkedIn. So it makes sense that social status can be leveraged for social good.

Yesterday I logged into my Tumblr dashboard and saw this set more
Fred Wilson |

How Etsy Could Reach Its Full Potential

The streets of the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires turn into a big outdoor market on sundays. Our family spent sunday afternoon there this past weekend.

As I strolled around, I could not help but think of Etsy, what it has become and what more it needs to do to realize more
Jason Reich |

Brittany Murphy Eulogized in 140 Characters or Less

The actress Brittany Murphy died this weekend. She was young. She was beautiful. And apart from a few of her roles, I didn’t really know much about her. But I learned of her death in the same way I assume many of you did: via Facebook. Status updates across the land more

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