Monday Night Football – NFL Picks and Predictions: Texans Jets

NFL Picks and Predictions, Monday Night Football (10/8): Houston Texans at New York Jets – Will Tim Tebow FINALLY get his chance?

I’ve decided I’m going to drink on Monday Night, but I’m worried about how to go about it. A drink for every Mark Sanchez interception won’t get me a buzz, but one for each incompletion could kill me. Perhaps a shot for every score by the Texans will be best. This one is going to get ugly.

Houston Texans (-8) at New York Jets

The New York Jets are a disaster. The quarterback they thought was “the better passer” of their interesting competition has proven to be incapable. Their best receiver is out for the season in Santonio Holmes, their best player is out of the season shutdown cover-corner Darrelle Revis, and their offensive line rivals the Dallas Cowboys for the worst in football. The running game is ineffective, the passing game is a disaster, and the Jets host one of the best teams in football on Monday night.

I think the Houston Texans will absolutely destroy the New York Jets. The Jets won’t be able to contain the impressive passing attack of the Texans and Arian Foster will reap the benefits of a successful and balanced offense. The Jets simply do not have an answer for the Texans offense. If you can give up 34 points to the San Francisco 49ers while Alex Smith misses open targets and they mercifully kneel at the one to avoid rubbing it in, you can give up 50 to the Texans on national TV.

Defensively, the Houston Texans will have fun. Mark Sanchez is a traditional quarterback, which means he requires weapons around him to succeed. He has no receiving threats, no line, and no rushing game as a result. He is relatively stationary, which makes him an easy target for a defense. Nothing is going right for the Jets offense and the Texans should have a big day on both sides of the ball.

This game will force Tim Tebow rumors into an all-time high fervor. Mark Sanchez is inevitably going to struggle, even though it’s not his fault. The Jets lack the offensive line to protect a pocket passer. The running game has been non-existent over recent weeks, largely due to the line. The Jets fall behind, can’t pass effectively due to protection, and can’t run effectively as a result. No running game, no passing weapons, no offensive line. You cannot win with this team as it is currently constructed and Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

Tim Tebow might not do any better, but at least his unorthodox style could inspire this team if its ineffective. Tebow can jumpstart a running attack by giving it another option. The Jets won’t be able to throw on anyone this year – at least give yourself a chance to grind out wins on the ground going forward. After another massacre, the Jets will need to go to Tebow or the season will be completely lost.

Texans – 38 Jets 13

Confidence: 3/5 Value: 2/5

Season: 35-29

Mark Donatiello
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