Cedric Benson Suspended: Let the Kid Play!

Cedric Benson Suspended; Enough is Enough

OK, so a I am a Longhorn. And a bit of a socialist anarchist too (It’s possible, I tell you!.First anarchy. Then I get to live on a socialist commune that is a Utopia except for when we have to fight off Outlaw Biker communities and stuff like that). So I might not be objective. But I really think Roger Goodell should just let Cedric Benson play. A three game suspension is excessive.

Yes, Benson has been in trouble with the law multiple times. And it certainly does seem like he has a punching people problem. It is hard to go to 6th Street and not want to punch someone, but that is no excuse for actually doing it. I get that the Bengals are already stigmatized as the Jail Blazers of the NFL. And I know that Jerome Simpson getting busted for allegedly being part of a ganja distribution ring isn’t going to help.*

Benson has already done his time behind bars on two misdemeanor assault charges. And again, it does seem like he has a punching people problem. But lets not forget the events that started it all.

Cedric Benson would not ever have been in trouble with the law if police had not searched his boat without probable cause in the first place. Granted, they did not need probable cause to search his boat due to a crackdown on drunken boating in Austin. But what ensued has never been open and shut, although some say it was black and white.

First of all, what good are our rights if we waive them every time things get rough? I think Cedric Benson’s initial case does strike a lot of important chords. I think it shows how quickly citizens accept losses of their rights to authorities. Even in Texas. It always shocks me how quickly my State’s rights, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Texan Brethren are willing to sign away their rights in exchange for security.

Is free speech really worth a damn if the government can censor what pictures can and can’t be published during a war? Yes, this is a tangent not directly related to Cedric Benson, but every time I hear of a person being searched and subsequently arrested without any required probable cause, I can’t help but think about what it means in the bigger picture.

And no doubt, Cedric Benson has acted the fool since the initial incident. Instead of keeping a low profile, he got in more trouble. But Michael Vick got a five game suspension for running a dog fighting ring. Three games seems like a lot for a guy with two misdemeanors on his record.

And he’s not even on my fantasy team.

*Free Jerome Simpson Too – But that is another blog for another time. Stupid shouldn’t be a crime.


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