Kevin Love Nets Record Breaking 52 Consecutive Double-Doubles

Kevin Love Nets Record Breaking 52 Consecutive Double-DoublesKevin Love has officially topped Moses Malone’s double-double record, and he did it by halftime. Playing (right now) against the Indiana Pacers, Kevin Love recorded the most consecutive double-doubles in NBA post-merger history. Another double-double. Before halftime.

Love almost had to sit out the game tonight with a swollen knee, having gotten an MRI on it earlier today. He was literally a last minute add to the game, and he has seriously made his presence known. We’ll see how much longer he can keep this up, but right now he’s unstoppable. And his effort is paying off: the Minnesota Timberwolves are currently killing the Indiana Pacers, up by nearly 20 towards the end of the half.

At this point, ruling Love out of the MVP conversation is just silly.

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