San Diego Chargers and Houston Texans Meeting at the Crossroads

San Diego Chargers and Houston Texans Meeting at the Crossroads

San Diego Chargers vs. Houston Texans; The Winner May Just Go On To Disappoint in the Postseason

The Houston Texans (4-3) and the San Diego Chargers (3-5) have a lot in common. Both teams have explosive offenses that can put points on the board in bunches, but neither teams is living up to its own pre-season expectations.

Of course, both teams are doing exactly what I predicted they would do, and that is struggle.

It would be fair to call both teams meaningless statistic mills. The Texans, who lit it up in the air between the 20’s last season, are running the ball like few teams in the NFL. Arian Foster is the NFL’s newest superstar. He is a joy to watch. He is the reason the Texans are ranked first in rushing touchdowns, yards per carry and rushing first downs. The Texans would probably be ranked higher than sixth in yards per game if head coach Gary Kubiak could get it together. While most coaches would drool for a running back of Arian Foster’s ability, Kubiak seems more baffled than ever with his new toy.

Check out this quote as to why he only gave Foster 15 carries in last week’s loss against the division rival Colts:

“As far as running the ball more, I think we would have. That was a comment I made after the game. Being 0-for-6 on third downs in the first half and then getting down by two touchdowns, to me, got us out of whack. Even though that was the case to me, gosh, you still look at it after three quarters and we were somewhere like 15 and 18. Even after being in three quarters of a game like that, so I think that’s what calls that. We ran the ball well. I’m sure we’d love to be sitting here today, coming out of that game, running the ball a great deal more and being in a closer football game. With what happened, it was going to happen that way. I think we were headed that way.”

Gary Kubiak just exploded my grammar check. What language was that in? Kubiak continues to be a comedy of errors that has the Texans looking unprepared to play at least every other week. It would be a sad state of affairs if I weren’t such a huge fan of slapstick.

Not that Norv Turner is going to make anybody forget Jimmy Johnson. Turner was handed the keys to a Ferrari when he landed in San Diego, he just had no idea how to drive it. It’s tough to say that about a guy who went to an AFC Championship game, but that was millennia ago in NFL years. Norv has disappointed in the postseason the last two seasons, and at 3-5, the Bolts will need to get really hot to slime in there this season.

And I believe they will. Phillip Rivers is just that good. San Diego showed signs of life in a 33-25 win over Tennessee last week. Their defense is second against the run and puts pressure on the quarterback. Phillip Rivers has thrown for more yards than anybody in the history of the NFL through eight games. Antonio Gates is a machine. If the Chargers are going to make a run, now is when they have to do it.

I think the Chargers beat the Texans today and get a little winning streak going. But the Texans certainly have more than a puncher’s chance. They have all the weapons they need to compete. You just never know what you are going to get for four quarters from either of these teams. But either one of these teams is suited to be Wild Card fodder, so it should be a good game.

The only thing we know for certain is that both Norv Turner and Gary Kubiak will be roaming the sidelines looking extremely confused at all times.


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