Tim Lincecum is Wiley Wiggins

Tim Lincecum is Wiley WigginsTim Lincecum is Wiley WigginsA lot of people wonder why Tim Lincecum has such an absurd hairstyle. The only other person currently wearing that style is the guy from the UPS whiteboard commercial. And with good reason. It looks pretty stupid.

But it looked cool on Wiley Wiggins in Dazed and Confused. And Tim Lincecum looks exactly like Wiley Wiggins. Freakishly so, in fact.

The Charlie Chaplain Time Traveler may have been easy enough to explain away, but this is actually trippy. How can science account for this? The best pitcher on the planet is clearly a character from a 1990′s hit movie about a kid in the 1970′s who gets paddled in the bullpen by a sizable Soul Pole.

You couldn’t handle that sh%t on hard acid, man.


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