Dorell Wright’s Penis Exposed on Twitter…Barely

Dorell Wright's Penis Exposed on Twitter...Barely The Miami Heat’s Dorell Wright owns the latest NBA penis exposed on Twitter according to, which offers some pretty good common sense advice to NBA players thinking about sending naked pics to groupies.

It’s a bit of a convoluted story, but it ends with somebody called mrs.anonymous posting a Dorell Wright penis pic and tweeting:

“well how bout I just informed everyone about the 5 inches of cock you put into your mouth and vagina every night”

The fact that Wright didn’t tweet, “I was in the pool! I was in the pool!” within 30 seconds of mrs.anonymous’s tweet is solid evidence that he seriously needs to buy a Seinfeld box set.

Dorell Wright's Penis Exposed on Twitter...Barely

More than a five inch vertical

If the Oden was a nesting doll, Dorell Wright’s penis would be the innermost little baby carved from a barely a splinter of wood waiting inside. Dorell Wright is the first NBA player to officially harm his status with the ladies with a penis pic, assuming we’re only talking about the type of ladies who date men that send them camera phone cock pics.

Naturally, Wright issued the obligatory apology:

“Miami Heat forward Dorell Wright says he is “embarrassed” that explicit photos of himself have been posted on the Internet.

The photos were taken in a private video chat about a year ago, and appeared on Web sites and several Twitter accounts.

Though the team, Wright issued an apology Monday, saying the matter “is something I truly regret.”

The Heat had no comment on the incident.”Dorell Wright's Penis Exposed on Twitter...Barely

The penis pic is the most curious trend to hit the NBA since Iverson started wearing pantyhose. We already have a guard, a forward and a center on the NBA All-Penis team. I’m guessing by the playoffs we will have a complete starting line-up.

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Dorell Wright's Penis Exposed on Twitter...Barely


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