San Antonio Spur George Hill Shows His Oden; Looks Retarded Doing It

San Antonio Spur George Hill Shows His Oden; Looks Retarded Doing has some new penis pics of San Antonio Spurs guard George Hill.

Did anybody not see this coming? Once pictures of “the Oden” surfaced, was there any doubt there would be a series of copy-cat NBA penis pic posts? SportsChat figures we are half a slap away from seeing a 2010 Upper Deck collectible NBA All-Star Penises Commemorative Set. Not to mention the endless bobble-head possibilities.

SportsChat is fairly certain we officially live in a world that is maybe a generation away from seeing the ubiquitous sex-tape go from being a requisite part of any respectable celebutard’s resume’ to a standard high school social studies assignment.

In case you missed the exchange between the attorneys for the Spurs and, make sure to check it out. Fittingly, theDirty’s lawyer’s response to the Spurs’ demand the penis pics be taken down is a brilliant and hilarious dick slap to the face of corporate America.

More than anything, since Hill was wearing a straight-brimmed ball cap with the sticker still on and ears tucked in for his penis pics, this is the perfect time for SportsChat to share his thoughts on the way the younger generation goes about wearing their baseball hats.

When SportsChat was a teenager, the style was to wear your hat backwards. Many times SportsChat was told by his particularly ornery and somewhat crazy Uncle Murray* that in his day only the “retards” wore their hats backwards.

Similarly, in the early 90′s, only the mentally challenged wore their hats with the bills completely straight and their ears tucked into their caps. In fact, if the teenagers in the 1990′s spent as much time studying say, biology, as they did making sure their hat brims had the perfect shape, we might not be in a healthcare crisis today.

Also, leaving the tag on the brim is apparently some kind of status symbol, but really it just makes it seem like the wearer wants to keep his return/exchange options open at Lids.

It is blatantly obvious that penis pics are the new sex tape. Hill’s Oden will not be the last to surface, probably even this week. There is no question about that.

The real question is, are the mentally challenged 2o years ahead or behind with their hat styles?

Regardless, start paying attention to how the mentally challenged wear their hats. In 20 years, it is very likely that is how your kid will be wearing his or her hat while they film their social studies sex tape assignment.

*Having either a crazy Uncle Murray or Maurie is to the Jews what sex tapes are to celebutards.


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