The Meme Team

The Meme Team

There’s no use trying to top Jack McCallum, because he’s one of the best contemporary basketball

writers out there. And in honor of “Dream Team,” his new book about the best basketball team of

all time that won the gold medal at the 1992 Olympic games, I’ve decided to get creative and have

a little fun with our newest Team USA roster. Who knows, maybe Bill Simmons will see this and

ask me to write for Grantland. A former Honorable Mention All-County high school basketball

player can dream, can’t he?

Without further ado, here is the future gold-medal-winning team:

Lebron James

The Meme Team

Kobe Bryant

The Meme Team

Kevin Love

The Meme Team

Kevin Durant

The Meme Team

James Harden

The Meme Team

Russell Westbrook

The Meme Team

Carmelo Anthony

The Meme Team

Chris Paul

The Meme Team

Blake Griffin

The Meme Team

Deron Williams

The Meme Team

Andre Igoudala

The Meme Team

Tyson Chandler

The Meme Team

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Kobe Bryant:

Lebron James:

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James Harden:

Blake Griffin:

Chris Paul:

Carmelo Anthony:

Russell Westbrook:

Tyson Chandler:

Andre Igoudala:

Kevin Durant:

This Is An “I don’t know anything about Angola, but Angola is in trouble” Production.


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