Deliciously Snarky Social Media T-Shirts

My best friend sent me a link this week to a Social Media Venn Diagram t-shirt. (I’d love to post the image here, but I never received word back when I emailed for permission.)

What do you think? Accurate? Ridiculously pessimistic?

I started to wonder what other snarky social media t-shirts were out there. Here’s a great collection of 101 of them. Which is your favorite?

Apparently there’s a big industry for social media t-shirts.

Here are a few more:

Jesus social media shirt
Live like there’s no social media
“This is my social media costume”
Choose your poison
Twitter bird gets smashed

Café Press also has a bunch. Please excuse the random political ones scattered in; not sure why they come up when you search on “social media.”

And here are a bunch of “Anti-Social Networker” t-shirts.

Fun and funny or made by analog haters?

What social media t-shirt would you design?

Here are a bunch of shirts just about Facebook:

–Facebook shirts, part 1
–Facebook shirts, part 2

I think I should probably have one that says “Facebook addict. Please check me into rehab.”

What should your social media t-shirt say?

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