4 Funny Social Media Videos (and a Challenge)

Have a few laughs on me with these funny somewhat amusing videos.

This list was surprisingly difficult to generate, and provide some variety. Is it because funny people don’t do tech? Geeks don’t do funny? Neither can be true.

Have you seen a social media video that made you snarf your milk? Post the link in the comments. Want to create one? I challenge you all. Send me the link to your video via email or Tweet, and I’ll post the best one I receive. I’ll give you a month–send them to me by October 3rd. Don’t worry about production quality; I’ll judge them on humor and social media relevance.

Now, without further ado…

1. The Internet Overdose Song


2. Farmville Commercial


3. A Social Network for Two


4. Twitter in Real Life


Eva Kaplan-Leiserson first fell in love with technology playing Oregon Trail on an Apple IIE in the 1980s (a passion for all things Apple remains). Her early participation in social networking include ...read more


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