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Georgetown Gone Wild | A TFT Exclusive

John Gimlette |
In the recent New York Times-acclaimed book Wild Coast, British travel writer John Gimlette traverses the untamed world of South America’s Guyana. In this TFT-exclusive ex... more

Going Greenlandic

Andrew Myers |
As a magazine writer and journalist, I have had the lucky chance to travel the world a considerable amount, covering culture, design, and art, among other things. Not to complai... more

TFT Exclusive Excerpt: L.A. Times Book Critic on “The Lost Art of Reading” and the Discovery of a Rare London Bookstall

David L. Ulin |
In David L. Ulin’s new book The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time (Sasquatch: 152 pp., $12.95), the Los Angeles Times book critic discusses the pl... more

TFT Exclusive Excerpt: The Black Nile by Dan Morrison

Dan Morrison |
Dan Morrison’s new book, The Black Nile, chronicles his journey along the Nile River from its source at Lake Victoria to its exit 3,600 miles later at the Mediterranean Se... more

TFT Exclusive Excerpt: Rachel Shukert on Why Amsterdam Doesn’t Change

Rachel Shukert |
In Everything is Going to be Great, the new, hilarious book from TFT’s Rachel Shukert, a young actress jumps aboard a traveling theatrical production to experience one imp... more

Deadliest Sea: The Greatest Rescue in Coast Guard History

Kalee Thompson |
TFT Exclusive Excerpt from the new book Deadliest Sea by author Kalee Thompson (National Geographic Adventure, Popular Science, Wired). Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter pilots Bri... more

High Flying: How We Got Marijuana through JFK

Adam Baer Adam Baer |
Readers of my work may know that as a cancer survivor I have taken to dabbling in necessary medical tourism — the trendy practice wherein a lucky patient visits different citie... more

Alain de Botton on a Future Without Flying

Alain de Botton |
Imagine a world without flying: What would it be like if there were no planes in the sky? In a future world without aeroplanes, children would gather at the feet of old men, and... more

The Cuero Chupacabra: My Search for a Mythical Hairless Coyote

Taylor Plimpton |
Back in the fall of 2007, before anyone knew for sure that the Cuero chupacabra was really just a hairless coyote, I drove down to the South of Texas, past tiny towns with name... more

My [Maori] New Zealand: Hemp, Fashion, Cannabalism, & More

Captain Cook |
Part of the East [ed note: by "east" Cook means "west"] Coast of this Country was first discovered by Abel Tasman in 1642, and by him called New Zeland; he, however, never lande... more

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