Nude Housecleaning: Everyone’s Doing It

She calls it ODD’Z & EN’Z Janitorial & More. As the Omaha World-Herald reports , a local Omaha woman has begun advertising services that might be illegal: nude housecleaning. The fliers went out last week, and they advertised “house cleaning and more . . . in plain or exotic professional attire.” Nude cleaning starts at $125, and nude cleaning “with satisfaction” starts at $175.

The current debate is not whether Kia Carroll, 27, is a prostitute. First of all, she has two employees-a man and a woman-making her more of a madam. Second of all, she compares her work to a stripper performing at a bachelor party; in fact, she offers bachelor (and bachelorette) party performances, as well as birthday and graduation services. This is where the problem lies: in Omaha, any nude performance is illegal.

Local residents are “shocked,” but no arrests have been made yet. In the mean time, if you’d like to find a nude house cleaner in your neighborhood, CBS has something for you:


It’s unclear if CBS was aware they were more or less advertising a gay gigalow service, but as the video indicates, Jockstrap Maids are available in over forty cities. That is at least 39 more cities than ODD’Z & EN’Z, who only advertised in one neighborhood in Omaha.

If that’s still not enough for you, if you want to do more than hire a nude house cleaner. . .perhaps you’d like to become a nude house cleaner? Back in 2005, Nerve ran I Did it for Science: Nude Housecleaning , in which Reverend Jen tried her hand at the stuff. (Full disclosure, I write for Nerve too .) If you’re new to the trade, she gives a pretty thorough description of how to get started, including some tricks of the trade (like using Scrubbing Bubbles). If prostitution is the oldest profession, is it too much to suggest nude housecleaning is the second oldest? Someone needs to clean the wet spot.

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