Two Sex Inventions that Will Blow Your Mind

Sensis condoms have an applicator for a “faster glove, more love” experience. I much prefer that to the “more glove, faster love” experience, so I’m already sold-but maybe you’re wondering what a “condom applicator” is. Sensis’s website explains it to us with calming line drawings and soothing tenors of voice over actors talking about doing it. Basically, it’s two “quick strips” that are rolled with the condom so when you place it over the penis and pull the tabs, it rolls on smoothly and completely.Two Sex Inventions that Will Blow Your Mind

At prices comparable to other condoms ($6 for a three pack, $13 for a 12 pack), these suckers are hopefully cheap enough for college kids (and other drunk people) who could use a little help getting it on. God knows I do. The product’s only flaw is the stigma-it seems kind of slutty to have “easy-application condoms” well-stocked in your bedroom. Similar to carrying multiple-sized condoms at any time (“They should have multi-size packs, like tampons! But sluttier.”), it just doesn’t quite seem right. But hey, Sensis makes a good argument against pregnancy/STDs and for “more love,” so I have ordered my sample pack. You can too.

For those gentlemen who are not getting laid but do have $80, well, the Japanese have something for you — something called the Tenga Flip-Hole:


Girls, I know what you’re thinking: Is this what my vagina feels like? (No.) Oh God, it’s huge. (Yes.) What happens after fifty uses? (No one knows!)

Photo by Manky Maxblack.

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