Naked Ladies on the Internet Keeping it Classy

The new viral video of naked people on the streets of Los Angeles (see below) isn’t the only video on YouTube where you can see naked people. In fact, there’s even a video from Video Jug that shows you how to look good naked:


The kids who do this have instructional videos for everything, from How to Salvage Barn Wood to Becoming a Psychic. And sex. They definitely cover almost all of sex — innocently enough — everything but the intercourse. How do you undress a woman with your teeth? How should you behave after sex? And perhaps most entertainingly, they cover “How to talk dirty” by using instructions from the 2003 Fejinon TV Lens Operation Manual as euphemisms for all those nasty words you just might say:


So polite and yet naughty, no? Here’s one more for the road:


And of course, that viral video of naked people that’s really about a video game:


Because of course when you think of video games, you think of naked people! Or am I the only one who plays Halo 3 naked?

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