Mitt Romney: Common Man

Well. After a wild ride through the first chunk of the GOP Primary, Mitt Romney is back on top.

But he still can’t make himself not seem like an aristocratic nitwit. Case in point, his recent comment that he is “not concerned with the very poor.” Really? Mittens is smart, yet still manages to say stuff that should just never come out of a candidate’s mouth, regardless of context. There seems to be something missing from his brain – some synapse that is not firing, some empathic instinct he just does not have.

It bugs me. Which makes this video compilation of some of his recent missteps all the more satisfying. Give it a quick view and tell me that this guy isn’t off on some other planet. This pretty much says it all.

My take is that Romney is not crazy, he’s just very ambitious and extremely abnormal. That is not a knock on him being Mormon; I’m talking mostly about what you might term his EEQ – his Emotional Economic Quotient. The guy just plain sucks at identifying, assessing, and understanding the economic state of others. To a really startling degree, actually – he’s like a stranger in a strange land, some extraterrestrial anthropologist trying hard to integrate with the natives, but never quite connecting. Except the natives are pretty much everyone who’s not a multimillionaire private equity titan with $21m in investment income and a 13.9% income tax rate.

Niko Karvounis’ writing has appeared in popular publications like Slate, Mother Jones, and AlterNet, as well as specialty journals such as Medicare Patient Management and Theoretical Criminology. His more


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