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Mitt Romney: Common Man

Niko Karvounis |
Well. After a wild ride through the first chunk of the GOP Primary, Mitt Romney is back on top. But he still can’t make himself not seem like an aristocratic nitwit. Case ... more

When Did It Become Okay for Conservatives to Piss on the Constitution?

Niko Karvounis |
I’m not sure precisely when it happened, but nowadays it seems that the defining feature of the far-right conservative movement is an obsession with unconstitutionality &... more

Is the Millionaire Tax a Good Idea?

Niko Karvounis |
In the newest issue of The New Yorker, James Surowiecki proposes a more gradated tax bracket hierarchy for the super-rich, i.e. millionaires, billionaires, and gajillionaires. L... more

Why I Love Joe Biden

Niko Karvounis |
Like Nicolas Cage, Vice President Joe Biden is a controversial figure because he acts like a big dope and is so easy to typecast. But also like Nicolas Cage, Biden has my heart ... more

Looking Closer at How We Google

Niko Karvounis |
Hey, ever used Google? Yeah okay, don’t answer that. But anyway, you’ll notice that Google offers up suggestions when you begin typing in a search term. I’m no... more

How Far Have Women Come–Really?

Niko Karvounis |
After recently spending a lot of time in a co-ed intellectual environment that can be fairly described as being almost incorrigibly male-oriented, I got to thinking: how far hav... more

Why I Love Nicolas Cage

Niko Karvounis |
Nicolas Cage. The man is ubiquitous. Using his upcoming film The Sorceror’s Apprentice as a starting point and working backwards through movies already released, Cage has ... more

The Fascinating Race for the Governor of Alabama

Niko Karvounis |
On November 2, 2010 the great state of Alabama will elect a new governor. I say “new governor” definitively, because current Republican governor Bob Riley can’... more

And lo, a blog was born!

Niko Karvounis |
Hi! First thing’s first: I used to blog only about health care; but then health reform passed. Nowadays the major issues surrounding health care are mostly about implement... more

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