Science And Religion

The 4.4 Million Year Old Fossil That Won’t Discredit Creationists

As a fossil fan myself, I share TFT Media correspondent Peter Hyman’s cheer at seeing the 4.4 million-year-old primate skeleton known as “Ardi” make the front... more

Don’t Fear the Reaper: Death Panels and the Dark One

Why on earth are we still hearing the words ‘death panels’? Betsy McCaughey and her brainchild, that nonexistent group of unelected bureaucrats that will decide fo... more

Why Science and Religion?

Hi, I’m Brook, your TFT Science and Religion correspondent. Why the belated introduction? I got my first comment the other day, on my piece about the Creation Museum and ... more

Dead Weight: The Science of “Cold Souls”

Paul Giamatti’s new movie has a wacked-out premise: an actor has his soul surgically removed and put into cold storage in New Jersey so it doesn’t get ruined when h... more

Journey to the Center of the Creation Museum

Recently, reports came out that Florida Adventure Land, a Christian dinosaur theme park in Pensacola, Florida, was shut down for tax fraud. Apparently the owner contended that ... more

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